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CCTV Spy Camera Makes £1M+
A CCTV camera used by Islington Council to spy on motorists at a busy junction has raked in over £1,000,000 in just one year.
The camera, situated at the junction of Tysoe Street and Rosoman Street in Finsbury, dished out over 10,800 tickets to drivers judged to have parked illegally, or carried out a prohibited manouveur during 2007. 2007-04-28
Use Your Chance to Vote against CO₂ Hysteria
Islington is set to jump on the anti-4x4 hysteria bandwagon by introducing increased parking permit charges for vehicles with higher CO₂ emissions ratings.
Unlike Richmond, however, they at least intend to carry out a referendum of all Islington residents beforehand.
The ABD views the concept of varying parking charges by emissions, when vehicles emit nothing when parked, as quite simply barking mad. It is nothing but abuse of power, or plain bullying, by councils.
Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant. It a naturally occurring gas which is essential for plant growth. It is not the cause of climate change, but rather a consequence of it. The proposed stealth tax has no scientific foundation whatsoever, it is based purely upon green hysteria.
Vote for common sense not hysteria, vote for science not propaganda, vote NO!
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