This page encompasses the area covered by Humberside Police, including the City of Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, North East Lincolnshire, and North Lincolnshire.
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Humber Bridge Tolls

Local Papers Launch Petition
A new petition has been launched by the Hull Daily Mail and the East Riding Mail. Please click the link below to sign it.
A Toll Too Far Campaign
PM Petition Ignored
A petition on the Prime Ministers website which ran upto Jan 2008 gained 8,334 signatures. Yet as we have come to expect, the government failed to respond in a positive manner.
New Study
The four surrounding councils and all parties have united to set up a study to report on the economic effects to the region of the most expensive piece of road in the world.
ABD Calls for Humber Tolls to be Scrapped
So the first thing the Scots are doing with their new leadership? Scrapping tolls on the Tay and Forth bridges. What is England doing for the people of Yorkshire, Hull, Humberside and Lincolnshire? Making them pay dearly for unfinished business says the Association of British Drivers.
Keith Peat of the Association of British Drivers wants us all to get behind a newly forming group, Humberside Action Against Tolls H.A.A.T. who believe that the amenities of Hull and Grimsby areas are still remote because of the high cost of return trips across the Humber Bridge. 'It's another case of " So near yet so far" or "a Bridge too far" says Keith. Just visiting someone in hospital on the other side of the river costs almost £6 a trip plus fuel and parking. 'The costs to commerce are even greater and the economies of the surrounding areas could be vastly improved if the bridge is toll free' he says.
HAAT organiser Jenny Walton can be contacted on 01652-688703 or by email:   jenny (at) jrw-publishing · freeserve · co · uk
Humber Toll Action

Talivan Target A18
New hard standing areas for speed camera vans have appeared on the A18 between the A16 and A46 junctions in North East Lincolnshire.
As our photos right show, these are accompanied by three substantial bollards at either end of a tarmaced strip alongside the hard standing. Quite why Humberside have gone to such lengths is unclear, particularly as the bollards don't actually seem to protect the speed camera van at all. Perhaps they are for motorcycle-based speed cameras. In any case such bollards pose a significant danger to anyone unfortunate enough to loose control of their car or motorcycle due to ice or snow.
The prat-perches are situated on long straight sections of road with no hazards, and are clearly designed to catch as many people as possible, rather than improve any accident blackspot.
Notice also the litter. If you spot anyone throwing rubbish out of their window at this spot, do report them to North East Lincolnshire Council's Street Care Team on (01472) 324500.
According to the handbook of rules and guidance for the camera partnerships, a mobile camera can be justified if the accident rate within the 'site' in the 'baseline' period (36 months prior to camera installation) is 2 KSI and 8 PICs (personal injury collisions) per kilometre. The safety camera website suggests that there were 2 KSI and 8 PICs in the before period for the whole 3.6km of the site length, meaning that the accident rates were 0.55 and 2.22 per kilometre respectively. On this basis, the camera site is not justified.
We suspect that these prat-perches will be heavily used when motorcycle racing events are taking place at nearby Cadwell Park, since it's a route favoured by motorcyclists.

In June 2003, North Lincolnshire residents made their views about Police priorities abundantly clear.
Just 15 Police Traffic Officers cover Humberside
Interrupting a speech by Meredydd Hughes, Head of ACPO Roads Policing, at a road policing conference, an inspector from Humberside Police stated that he only had 15 officers to provide 24 hour cover across Humberside.

Police Persecution of Drivers Continues
An Aberdeen woman was arrested by police and imprisoned for 2 days before being driven from Scotland to Scunthorpe because of a two year old speeding allegation. Bungling incompetence meant that she had not received the proper notification about the offence, despite the car being registered at her address.

Driver Beats Illegal Speeding Fine
A Hull driver defeated a speeding prosecution after using information from this website to prove that the speed limit was in fact illegal. The Highways Agency had reduced the speed limit from 40 to 30, but had only done so by spraying over the 40 sign with grey paint! Needless to say, the 'safety' camera mob were conveniently lying in wait.
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