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Uninsured Motorcyclist gets 12 months in Jail
An uninsured motorcyclist who fled from police at sppeds of up to 100 mph when they tried to stop him, has been banned from driving for 2 years, and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.
The police stated that he drove dangerously, overtaking on double white lines. Yet they knew where he lived and already had a police car outisde his house, which rather begs the question why were they chasing him and putting other road users in danger?
We consider the ban appropriate, along with a requirement to retake a test. But what is the point of imprisoning this man? He only posed a danger to the public when fleeing from the police on his motorcycle. That problem would have been solved by banning him and possibly confiscating his bike. Putting him in prison at public expense serves no purpose. His was a victimless crime. The punishment is a further example of the irrational and unreasonable punishments being handed out to drivers at the behest of our anti-car government. It's time some common sense was regained.  
Ledbury Parking
Parking in Ledbury is currently an issue because of the loss of some spaces due to redevelopment of the library.
Being pretty much unspoilt by development, there is free on-street parking on many roads in the town centre, although we think that in some places where there are double yellow lines, the road is so wide that more parking could be provided, and the possibility of additional perpendicular parking should be considered.
Importantly, Ledbury is small enough to allow people who park on the outskirts of the town to walk into the centre, so an additional car park on the outskirts should be looked at.
It is amusing that the Lib Dems are campaigning for parking capacity to be maintained. This seems is stark contrast to their attitude to parking in other areas of the country. Seems to be more a case of campaigning against what the opposition are doing rather than sticking to principles!
Hereford petrol prices

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Kington Parking
Why do the council charge for parking in Mill Street car park in Kington? What is the point? It's just petty, ripping off tourists who don't know about the other three free car parks hidden away down back streets. The cost of collecting the money can barely meet the income.
Speed Camera Threshold Speeds
John McAvoy, project manager of the West Mercia safety camera partnership, told our Shropshire Local Co-ordinator in a letter:
"The guidelines recommend that action commences at speeds which are 10% + 2mph in excess of the speed limit (ie.35 mph in a 30mph area, 46mph in a 40mph area,etc). In this region, no action is taken by West Mercia Constabulary or the Safety Camera Partnership where speeds are below these thresholds. There are facilities in the guidelines which would cover action being taken at lower speeds where there are particularly aggravating factors, but the Safety Camera Partnership has never made use of this facility and has no plans to do so."
If you are being prosecuted by West Mercia Police for a speed camera offence at a speed of less than 35mph in a 30 zone, or less than 46 mph in a 40 zone, please let our Shropshire Local Co-ordinator know about it, and be sure to keep any offcial documents you have received, or a copy of them..
Hereford Bypass
Concerted action by a small minority of selfish anti-bypass, anti-road, anti-anything lobbyists has forced Herefordshire drivers to endure continuing congestion in and around Hereford. The plan was for a dual carriageway bypass west of Hereford connecting the A49 north and south of the town. Roundabouts would be used at all major radial roads. Estimated cost (1997) £52.0m, length 14.5km.
Greens protested despite the scheme obviously improving the environment in Hereford by attracting as much local and through traffic as possible on to the bypass.
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