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Southampton's new cash machine.
This is a Truvelo speed camera on Northam Bridge. This straight section of dual carriageway cannot possibly be an accident blackspot so the camera is totally unjustified. The camera has clearly been placed where drivers attention will be distracted by the advertising sign, which is illuminated at night. The skid marks on the road are from an accident that happened because of the camera — before it had even been switched on.
Our question to Hants Safety Camera Partnership: If this is an accident blackspot, why is there an advertising sign that distracts drivers attention from the road?

The Hampshire 'Safety' Camera Partnership say:
"Our speed cameras and mobile units and routes are clearly marked and visible."
Here is an example of one of their 'clearly visible' speed camera vans on the A30 at Blackwater near Camberley:

What do you mean you can't see it?

Now you see him! Too late. Parked on the pavement behind other vehicles, hidden by general sign clutter, and clearly positioned so as to indulge in petty enforcement of the 30mph limit as it changes to a 40mph limit.
A few yards further back, by the cycle sign in the first photo, is a car park in front of some shops that was empty on the Sunday when this photo was taken. Here the van would have been visible, so why did they choose to hide?

Not only have they failed to do anything about vehicles parked so as to totally obstruct the pavement, they're obstructing the pavement themselves.
20mph limit has made Portsmouth streets more dangerous, not less
Official accident figures show that Portsmouth's 20mph zone has increased accidents rather than reduced them.
Portsmouth to Scrap Speed Cameras?
Following an announcement by Swindon Council that they intend to pull out of the speed camera partnership, Portsmouth Council have announced that they too are considering withdrawing.
Councillors are incensed at the refusal of speed camera partnership bosses to disclose information about how many fines are being issued by cameras in Portsmouth, despite the council supposedly being a partner and contributing £400,000 of rate payers money each year to fund the partnership.
The council want to spend the money on more cost effective road safety measures.
A27 Speed Limit Signs Were Faulty
A court has ruled that speed limit signs on the A27 around Fareham did not comply with the law, and has thrown out attempts to prosecute drivers for exceeding a speed limit that did not in fact exist. However, the ruling only applies to people who have fought the prosecution, so if you've been done and not fought, contact a solicitor.
The boss of Hampshire's roads, Councillor Mel Kendal, said that the regulations were 'very complicated'. In fact there is a book you can get from the government which explains things perfectly clearly if you bother to read it.
He'd also been told by a police officer that they were wrong but decided to ignore him.

Local Company Out to Spike You
A Hampshire company is the latest to jump on the anti-car bandwagon in an attempt to make a fast buck. It is PIPS Technology of School Lane, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, who have designed a new kind of average speed camera that costs significantly less than the current SPECS system. Their system, with the intimidating name of Spike, costs only around £20,000 and may thus be seized upon by those keen to persecute even more dirvers.
The ABD calls on police forces the length of Britain to spend money on traffic patrols rather than lining the pockets of this company.

Portsmouth 20 Limit
Portsmouth City Council plan to introduce a 20mph speed limit on all but a few major roads by 2008. The ABD has condemned the move as likely to increase the danger on roads because drivers will be forced to concentrate on their speedometer rather than the road ahead.
If you live in the city, take action now — write to your local councillor, and write to the local paper.  
Partnership Deceipt Exposed
A local paper has exposed a Farnborough speed trap as a sham.
The safety camera partnership had put up signs claiming 18 casualties in one year, yet the paper discovered that only one of the accidents had excessive speed as a contributory factor.
The signs have now been replaced by vehicle activated signs.
Farnborough News — Speed trap figures sham
So Much For Road Safety
Hampshire Safety Camera Partnership are having a strop after we pointed out that their annual report featured a photo of a cyclist not wearing a safety helmet. Although the wearing of safety helmets is not compulsory for cyclists, it flies in the face of recommended practice by the police and all four local authorities involved with the partnership.
Rather than simply admitting their political correctness filter malfunctioned, they are trying to claim that the cyclist in the photo was deliberately not wearing a helmet in order to demonstrate his vunerability. How desperate can you get?
Southampton Echo — Wrong message?
Truvelos on the A339
Two new Truvelos have been reported on the A339 between Basingstoke and Kingsclere. Our informant says:

"Heading south towards Basingstoke, the first one is just prior to the Ramsdell turning on your left from this direction, adjacent to a new big sign telling you of the junction about 100 yards ahead. Coming out of Basingstoke, you pass a stone masons in a dip. Going up the dip as it levels off, the northbound cam is situated, oddly facing northwards too. The Ramsdell turning (now on your right) is about 1/2 mile further along. We'll have to see how they are eventually set up once they've finished."

"This stretch between Basingstoke and Newbury is listed as one of the most dangerous roads in Europe.......('though) essensially, they have put the cameras in possibly the safest part of the A339 where traffic picks up speed.

Our informant uses this road daily, and in 16 years has never seen an accident where the cameras are located, while 2 miles further north there is a genuine black spot.
One has to wonder at the logic behind these sitings.
Answers on a post card...........
"Speed Camera Hype"
Aldershot MP Gerald Howarth points the finger at Hampshire Police over the use of speed cameras on the A325.
The Speed Camera Claims are Hyped
"Speed Cameras 'Cause Deaths' "
"Hampshire was one of the police forces that more than doubled its number of cameras between 2001 and last year — yet deaths rocketed from 69 to 104!", writes John Walton in the Surrey Hants Star newspaper.
Speed Cameras 'Cause deaths'
Fining in the face of public opinion
Despite only 3% of people in a Meridian TV survey regarding 'speeding' as a priority, Hampshire's Chief Constable has arrogantly pledged to continue the relentless persecution of drivers for minor infringement of speed limits. His comments show that he has been totally brain-washed by government anti-car propaganda, and has no realisation of how the headlong pursuit of drivers is alienating them from the police.
Source: National Statistics — Road Casualties in Great Britain

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