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Big Brother is Watching You
Many drivers have been mugged of £80 by Ealing Council after stopping for just a few seconds at a bus top to drop someone off at Ealing Broadway Station. The council have installed a CCTV spy camera outside the station and are using it to extort money from people. There is a drop-off layby outside the station, but in virtually every case the lane had been closed off using cones. It's not clear who put the cones there, nor whether there was any collusion with the council.
Bus Lanes Opened in Protest at CC Extension
Ealing Council have opened up six bus lanes in response to Ken Livingstone's extension of the congestion charge zone. TfL had threatened legal action against the council for not playing ball in it's war on drivers.
January 2007
ABD Launches Campaign Against More Speed Humps
The Association of British Drivers has launched a campaign to stop more speed humps being installed in Park View Road, Corfton Road, West Road, Mount Park Road, Mount Avenue, Montpelier Road and Helena Road in Ealing. Some 33 humps are being proposed as part of a wide area traffic calming scheme by the London Borough of Ealing which is about to go to public consultation. However local ABD members have already started circulating a leaflet in the streets likely to be affected which urges residents to oppose these plans.
We say this scheme is typical of the outdated approach to road safety in Ealing. Other London boroughs such as Barnet and Bromley have ceased installing speed humps without any detrimental effect on road accident figures. In fact by using alternative measures they have better road casualty reduction statistics than those boroughs such as Ealing who have persisted with such measures.
The ABD suggests that speed humps cause pain and suffering to many people with existing medical conditions, and can delay emergency service vehicles. They also cause more atmospheric pollution, more road noise, damage vehicles and increase the cost of road maintenance.
We call upon all residents to oppose these plans and ask for something better.
ABD London Regional Co-ordinator, Roger Lawson, told the Ealing Gazette:
"People with back problems or mdecial conditions suffer enormous pain and discomfort from speed humps. The emergency servcies also have a major problem, the delay in getting to the scene of an accident offsets the benefits of the humps. Speed humps are the most uneconomic way of reducing accidents. Non-car drivers like them, and people unfortunately haven't looked at the data. The only way humps reduce accidents is if they cause traffic diversions around them."
ABD — Speed Humps
June 2006
Ealing Plans to Scrap Bus Lanes
— So Ken Throws a Tantrum

The new Conservative administration of Ealing council is to suspend some bus lanes in Yeading and Northolt because they are not needed. But the news has enraged Ken Livingstone who has threatened to take legal action against the council for undermining his anti-car policies.
The bus lanes in Yeading Lane, Church Road north of the A40, and Mandeville Road, will be scrapped. The council are taking the action after being inundated with complaints from residents.
The council are also reducing car parking charges and hours of charging.
Cllr Will Brooks, cabinet member for environment and transport, said:
“We are restoring a common-sense approach to parking charges in this borough. Residents have been clobbered with hikes in charges in the recent past and it is about time they were made fairer. “We hope these changes will encourage drivers to use our car parks again rather than look for alternatives in nearby residential streets.”
They have also voted to withdraw support for Ken's "half-baked" tram scheme.
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