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“We have a duty as laid down by Central government to discourage
motorists and to encourage the use of public transport.”
Keith Wallace,
Team Manager, Parking Infrastructure, Community Services Department,
London Borough of Croydon
In a letter about parking to our Local Co-ordinator for Croydon, January 2009.

Council Steal A Car
Croydon Council stole a residents's car from outide his own house whilst he was on holiday. They thought he hadn't paid a parking fine, and government anti-car laws now allow councils to steal people's cars. Except they were completely in the wrong, he had paid the fine.
When the man tried to get his car back he found the council had sold it. The council had to buy it back. The new owner had damaged the car. The innocent victim of government bullying and council incompetence is now suing the council.
Council Parking Policy
In July 2002, Croydon Council announced plans to massively increase parking charges and restrictions. Massive public protest, including a public meeting at which councillors were heckled, forced the council to back down on some of its undemocratic anti-car policies. An 18 month freeze on parking prices followed because the council were afraid of inciting another backlash.
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Finally, we just had to link to this letter from one of the loony brigade. Sometimes one gem of a letter desperately scrabbling around for arguments against cars, does more good than harm. Anyone know what a 'giant road' is?
  • Croydon Guardian (Letters) — Short-sighted cheap parking   2008-08-06