(For those of you who can't keep up with the government's desire to confuse everyone by changing county names, Ceredigion was part of Dyfed until 1995, and until 1974 was called Cardiganshire.)
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We're Not Telling You
Mid and South Wales Safety Camera Partnership are refusing to say how much money they make from each speed camera. The information was requested by the Evening Post after the Thames Valley Partnership were ordered by the Information Commisioner to release such information.
MSWSCP are obviously worried that the amount of money raised by those speed cameras which do nothing to reduce accidents would expose their little racket.
T is for Talivan
The A487(T) coast road, being just one of Wales' many utterley inadequate so-called 'trunk roads' that pass through every village rather than bypass them, provides many convenient locations for the Talivans of the 'Mid & South Wales Safety Camera Partnership' to mug tourists and locals alike. Here we see Talivan CV02 HAE enforcing a 30mph speed limit in the village of Bow Street just north of Aberystwyth, but parked in a position where it is partially hidden by railings. The road here is relatively wide, with wide pavements and grass verges, and might well be expected to be 40mph, which is of course precisely why the Talivan sits here. The chaotic road-markings (look at the bus stop that sticks out from what appears to be a parking bay but isn't actually wide enough to park in) do nothing to improve safety.
A motorcycle-mounted speed camera has also been seen operating on the A487.
Eagle Eyed?
There's something fishy in Aberaeron, and it's not the harbour. Can you spot what it is?
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