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We're Not Telling You
Mid and South Wales Safety Camera Partnership are refusing to say how much money they make from each speed camera. The information was requested by the Evening Post after the Thames Valley Partnership were ordered by the Information Commisioner to release such information.
MSWSCP are obviously worried that the amount of money raised by those speed cameras which do nothing to reduce accidents would expose their little racket.
Local MP Loses the Plot Completely
In what must rank as the daftest suggestion of the year, Nia Griffith, Labour MP for Llanelli, has come up with the brain-numbing idea of reducing all Britain's speed limits by simply deciding that speed limit signs read in km/h instead of mph.
How do these people ever get elected?
“There is a psychological effect: when someone who is driving at 50 mph sees that everybody else is travelling at 70 mph or 80 mph, they feel that they are going very slowly”
That would be her then would it?
“That solution would cost very little, and it has the nice advantage that it could easily be copied by many other countries. As has been mentioned many times today, these issues affect not just our own country but our fellow European Union member states and the rest of the world. If we can do something, that would be a good example to others.”
Somebody tell her our fellow EU states use kilometres already. Duuuugh.
A40 Speed Camera Van?
We have recieved a report of a speed camera being operated from an unmarked white van parked on a bridge over the A40 west of Carmarthen where roadworks are supposedly taking place (lots of cones but no workmen) and a 40mph limit is in place.
Our advice is to assume that any van parked on an overbridge is a speed camera van until you can see otherwise.
'Intimidatory Policing' Threatens Rally
Max Molsey. President of the FIA, warned that the World Rally Championship could be moved from Wales because of what drivers have called "intimidatory policing". As a result the Wales Rally GB only had a provisional date in the 2004 calendar. During the Monte Carlo Rally, Mosley spoke with many drivers who told him about the way they had been treated by the police.
"It's as though the police in Wales did not want the rally to be there and were doing everything they could to make the competitors feel unwelcome and uncomfortable."

Rally Drivers Exploited by Police
Four top rally drivers, including Briton Kris Meeke, were given driving bans after being caught by some of South Wales finest during the 2002 rally. Others including Colin McRae and Richard Burns have been fined.
BBC — Rally stars given driving bans
The simple question we need to ask is this: If these drivers constitute such a hazard that they need to be banned from our roads in order to protect the general public, then why did the authorities delay prosecution for 12 months, in the full knowledge that to do so would lead to them returning and covering around a thousand miles on Welsh roads at this year's event?
If this were really about road safety then surely they would have ensured that the cases were heard BEFORE this year's event. The only resason for waiting was to create a publicity opportunity — by deliberately and cynically waiting until after the rally to prosecute en mass, the powers that be could be sure of the full attention of the world's press. In all truth any bans imposed will now have no real effect on any of the drivers, and proves beyond all doubt that this is all just about money.

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