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'Safety' Cameras, we are told, prevent accidents. This picture, however, paints a thousand other words:

The A470 on the outskirts of Cardiff.
Considering they are supposedly all about road safety, and have the word 'THINK!' emblazonded on the side, the Talivans of the 'Safety Camera Partnership South Wales' frequently display a somewhat cavalier attitude towards parking:
— even when right in front of a police station:

Cardiff Branded Worst City in UK for Drivers
A survey for Virgin Money Car Insurance has found Cardiff to be the worst city in the UK for drivers. Reasons for the Welsh capital's failure included high crime rates and a lack of parking.
Other factors considered were petrol prices, the cost of parking for two hours, the number of speed cameras on main roads, and the extent of congestion.
New Perspective on Road Safety
Following the recent realization that the great flood which devastated the Bristol Channel in 1607 may well have been a Tsunami (BBC — Tsunami theory of flood disaster), a local scientist has said:
“If the 1607 event was a tsunami, then a resident of Cardiff, for instance, is ten times as likely to be killed by a tsunami as by a road accident.”
Michael Disney
Professor of Astronomy at Cardiff University
Consultant to NASA and ESA
The Times 2005-01-04

A469 Residents 1 — Council 0
Local residents appear to have successfully halted Cardiff City Council's plans to trash the A469 by imposing all manner of political correctness upon it.
Bus lanes and cycle lanes were planned for Caerphilly Road and Thornhill Road, but people living on the roads launched a campaign to stop the council bullying them into accepting measures which the vast majority of residents and road users simply did not want. Some 1700 signatures opposing the plans were collected.
On 8 April 2004, at a Cabinet meeting, Councillor Michael Michael withdrew the plans and said he would ask the full council to reconsider its Local Transport Plan.
The council claimed to have carried out a consultation, not realising that the public have now cottoned on to what a sham such 'consultations' are.
Full details can be found on the 'Save Our Streets' campaign website.
M4 hidden camera rumour
There is a rumour circulating on the internet that South Wales Police are using SPECS cameras hidden in information signs on the M4. There is no truth whatsoever to this silly story. The information signs are operated by the Highways Agency and do not contain cameras. South Wales Police have confirmed to the ABD that they do not use SPECS cameras.
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