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Revenge is Sweet
A driver who spotted a Camden parking enforcer's van parked on double yellow lines used the opportunity to return a clamp to the council — by clamping the van.
The act caused much amusement amongst passers-by, one of whom snapped this photo.
Camden's new administration has already decided to scrap clamps (see story below), so they too saw the funny side. The previous lot would doubtless have thrown their rattles out of the pram.

New Administration Throw Out Clampers and Humps
The new Conservative Lid-Dem administration in Camden are to give restrict clampers and put a hold on new speed humps. Parking boss Cllr Mike Greene is to pull in the reins on clampers NCP, after one of them clamped Father David Houlding's car as he was helping a 97 year old lady into her home. Amazingly NCP were previously given targets for clamping and towing. Why?
No new speed humps will be installed, but sadly they aren't yet planning to remove any existing ones, despite the proven reduction in accidents in neighbouring Barnet after humps were dumped.
CCTV Abused to Mug Drivers
Camden Council are using CCTV cameras, supposedly introduced to detect crime, as a weapon against drivers. A whole team of council employed muggers are using camera images to issue fines for the most petty 'offences', such as waiting whilst another car moves out of a parking bay, and stopping for a minute to unload passengers in the middle of the night when the road is deserted.
Contact your councillor and make it clear that the price of your vote is an end to this persecution. Footnote, June 2006: Labour got booted out of office a few months later (see story above)
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