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Old Hill Traffic Calming
Residents objections to the traffic claming measures in Old Hill over the last two years have finally forced the council to agree to hold a consultation exercise to get the opinions of residents. A review due to be published in August 2005 was suspended at the last minute, but it did reveal that Old Hill was not an accident black spot with only 2 slight injury accidents in the 3 years prior to the scheme being implemented.
Old Hill Speed Humps a Direct Cause of a Serious Accident
On the 4th September 2005, Anja Szkodowski was riding a cycle down Old Hill, Chislehurst, and did not notice the large, single “cushions” in the centre of the road on the lower part of the hill. Anja was thrown from her bike and was seriously injured. With breaks to her jaw in three places, and other injuries, she spent three days in hospital and is still undergoing extensive repair work to her teeth. ABD member Roger Lawson has been leading a campaign for the past two years to have the scheme changed, but to no effect so far.
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