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Report Proves Speed Cameras Are About Money
A council report has proven that speed cameras are about making money, not road safety. Sussex Safer Roads Partnership have been targeted to catch an extra 8,000 drivers a year in order to raise £70,000 from "speed awareness courses", to make up for budget cuts.
Brighton Speed Camera Shown to be Faulty
A motorcyclist snapped by a speed camera on Ditchling Road in Brighton has proved in court that the camera was faulty. The problem apparently related to the time between the two flashes, meaning that the time interval and thus the speed could not be relied upon. The ABD has called for all drivers affected to receive a full refund, the cancellation of any points, and compensation where appropriate.
You Can't Park Here Mate
Drivers in Brighton face the mercy of a vehemently anti-car council. Residents are forced to pay to park outside their own house, and there are not even enough spaces for all residents. Parking enforcement has been handed over to parking parasite NCP. In 2003 Brighton was the worst city outside London for parking fines, handing out 161,194 — more even than Birmingham. In 2006 it was 153,000, beaten only by London & Birmingham.
Meanwhile bus lane cameras are in use to extract money from those who refuse to put up with the deliberate delays created by bus lanes.
Bloody Minded Council Refuse to Refund Parking Vouchers
Angry drivers have discovered that parking vouchers, unusable since the council switched to Pay and Display parking will not be refunded. Despite the fact that the vouchers have clearly not been used for the service for which they were bought, arrogant penny-pinching council bureaucrats are refusing to refund the unused vouchers.
And you thought councils were supposed to protect the public against unscrupulous trading practices like this.

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