Barnsley is a Unitary Authority within the former county of South Yorkshire.

Progress — or not?
The A628 bypass at Dodworth is open. Connecting onto the M1 junction 37 roundabout, the £4.9M road takes through traffic away from the village and avoids the level crossing. The link also improves access to the Capitol business park where 700 new jobs are expected to be created. Sounds good doesn't it?
Then you get to use it. Oh dear. First it is only single carriageway with a number of little roundabouts and significant bends. The route from the M1 junction involves turning right at one roundabout then left at the next, instead of going straight on as one would expect. It has a completely unnecessary 40mph limit despite having no houses alongside. The bends and roundabouts and speed limit make it impossible to overtake any lorries. You begin to wonder whether it would be quicker to go through Dodworth…
Why can't we build proper roads in this country anymore?
A616 Speeding Charge Thrown Out
An attempt to prosecute a driver for excedding the national speed limit on the A616 has been thrown out after it was proven in court that the speed limit signs did not comply with legal requirements.

Policing Goes Downhill
In stark contrast to the sensible comments made on speed cameras by Mike Hedges — the former Chief Constable of South Yorkshire, the new incumbent is clearly another speed camera zealot.
Meredydd Hughes has been caught twice by speed cameras, once in Sheffield and once in South Wales, yet despite being doubtless sure that he wasn't driving in a dangerous manner, he still thinks speed cameras are a good idea, and even wants hidden cameras re-introduced. Let's hope the brainless idiot gets caught twice more and banned — maybe the penny will finally drop.
Stocksbridge Bypass SPECS
This pair of SPECS cameras lurk like yellow vultures over the western end of the A616 Stocksbridge bypass. There's a similar pair at the other end, and the cameras calculate your speed by timing how long it takes to pass between them. The bypass does what it says, it bypasses the town, it has virtually no properties along it, yet they see fit to put speed cameras on it to enforce a completely unnecessary 50mph speed limit. At least they have put speed camera warning signs up, though if you didn't notice the first pair, it'll be a bit late.
A short distance beyond these cameras, the 50 mph limit ends and NSLA signs appear. Only a few hundred yards beyond that 40mph signs appear. The short NSLA section is outside a factory that HGVs use. Proof if it were needed that those responsible for setting speed limits are utterly clueless.
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