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Massive Cock-Up on Parking Tickets
The High Court has found that Barnet's parking tickets were illegal prior to 5th May 2006. 2,000 people may be entitled to their money back, but they'll probably have to fight for it as the council won't be honest enough to hand the money back voluntarily. Council Policy
Barnet is on the front line against Ken Livingstone and TfL's anti-car policies by adopting common sense policies on transport. Though there are signs that other boroughs are joining the battle, with Enfield and Richmond-upon-Thames both removing speed humps, and Kensington & Chelsea removing bus lanes.
Accidents Down
The adoption of sensible road policies has resulted in a 14.9% reduction in road accidents across the borough during the first 6 months of 2005, compared with an average reduction of 8.8% across London.
Barnet removed speed humps after acknowledging their countless negative effects on safety.
Ken Livingstone is predictably none too happy about this and is now withholding £1.5 million from Barnet claiming their policies are “putting children's lives at risk” (the usual argument anti-car campaigners come up with when they can't think of anything else).
Brian Coleman pleonastically described Ken's claims as “absolute bollocks”, insisting that the Barnet's measures had widespread public support.

Talking Sense
"The evidence is clear - road humps are a menace which are endangering Londoners."
"TfL stands for Taliban for London."
"The mayor has no idea what happens in the suburbs and neither has TfL."
Brian Coleman
Brian Coleman
Brian Coleman is a councillor for Totteridge Ward, and is Barnet Council's cabinet member for Environment. Whilst his job title might suggest he's part of the problem, his actions show he's actually part of the solution. He was the driving force behind Barnet's much publised decision to remove speed humps. Brian sought the conservative nomination for London Mayor but was unsuccessful.
Brian does not exactly see eye-to-eye on transport polices with TfL, which he has refered to as ‘Transport for Lefties’. He also believes some TfL officers are engaged in a political campaign against him. With TfL's Director of Borough Partnerships being Ben Plowden, former director of the anti-car lobby group ‘The Pedestrian's Association’, this is hardly surprising.
Hump-Free Ward
The ABD has been advised by Councillor Brian Salinger that no speed humps will be removed in his Oakleigh ward — for the simple reason that there aren't any! Cllr Salinger has refused to allow the council to install any humps in his ward. This is of course even better than the strategy of removing them.
Positive Steps
Barnet's driver-friendly policies include: Not so good
All is not rosy in Barnet; we have serious concerns over the way in which Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) are being imposed in the borough; and excessive increases in council car park charges.
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