The definitive list of webcams associated with roads and traffic in the UK.
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Some cameras don't operate at night, some that do don't cope with darkness very well!
  • A55 North Wales   (North Wales Traffic Control Centre)
    Almost 20 cameras covering much of the A55 Trunk Route.
  • Abbey Road   (Abbey Road Studios)
    The most famous pedestrian crossing in the world.
  • Aberdeen   (Aberdeen City Council)
    1 cam atop St. Nicholas House.
  • Aberystwyth   (Ceridigion Council)
    1 cam looking towards the sea from Llys y Brenin square.
  • Belfast   (Northern Ireland Roads Service)
  • Bristol   (BBC / Highways Agency)
    Including M4 Jns 18..20, M5 Jns 15..21.
  • Blackpool — Preston Road
    [NB Only works with Netscape Navigator!]
  • Cambridge — A10/A14   (BBC)
  • Dartford   (CBC Administration)
    1 cam of Chastilian Rd (unclassified road off B2174 Princes Rd).
  • Dunoon   (
    1 cam showing Argyll Street, A885.
  • Exeter — M5 J30   (Devon County Council)
    6 cameras. Live images 07:00-19:00 only.
  • Exeter — Trusham Rd / Marsh Barton Rd   (Devon County Council)
    2 cameras. Live images 07:00-19:00 only.
  • Great Yarmouth   (GreatYarmouthLive)
    4 black & white cams of the seafront.
  • Hove   (Bull Electrical)
    1 cam of Portland Road (unclassified).
  • Humber Bridge A15   (BBC)
    4 cameras to view.
  • Ipswich   (BBC)
    1 camera overlooking Civic Drive roundabout.
  • Leicester   (BBC)
    11 cameras at key junctions around the city.
  • Leicester (collage)   (Northlight Images)
    Collage of the above cameras on one page.
  • London   (BBC / Metropolitan Police / TfL)
    106 traffic cameras around London.
  • Luton   (BBC)
    1 camera on Stuart Street.
  • Lutterworth, Leics   (Lutterworth United Reformed Church)
    1 camera on George Street.
  • Lymm, Cheshire   (Lymmnet)
    1 camera looking at village centre.
  • M4 South Wales   (South Wales Traffic Control Centre)
    Over 70 cameras covering the M4 and M48, including both Severn bridges.
  • Manchester   (GMPTE)
    1 camera showing junction of Aytoun Street and Portland Street.
  • Newcastle — Tyne Bridge   (
    Daytime only.
  • Newcastle — Tyne Tunnel   (BBC)
    Inside the tunnel.
  • Newton Abbott — A380   (Devon County Council)
    Penn Inn Roundabout. 3 cameras. Daytime only.
  • Nottingham   (Nottinghamshire County Council)
    6 cameras around the city. 07:00-19:00 only.
  • Portsmouth — M275   (Test IT)
    1 camera. They are trying to do what Belfast do, but failing because the image is too big / refreshes too much.
  • Reading & M4   (Reading Borough Council / Highways Agency)
    Cameras in & around Reading, including M4 junctions 5 to 12.
  • Scotland   (Traffic Scotland)
    Numerous cameras on main roads across Scotland
  • Sheffield   (Sheffield City Council)
    34 cameras in & around Sheffield, including M1 junctions and Meadowhall Shopping Centre car parks.
  • Sherringham   (
    1 camera looking over the old town and car park.
  • Shrewsbury   (Shrewsbury & Atcham B.C.)
    1 camera looking at English Bridge.
  • Southampton   (Hampshire County Council)
    36 cameras around the city including M27 & M3. (Limited funny times)
  • Tunbridge Wells   (Freeway Exhaust and Tyre Centre)
    1 camera on the A26, St. John's Road, Tunbridge Wells
  • Ware, Herts   (Hertfordshire Display plc)
    1 cam on High St — fast refresh, but images flickers annoyingly.
  • Winchester   (Hampshire County Council)
    3 cameras around the city, inc M3 J9. (Limited funny times)
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