This page is dedicated to the campaign against the proposed road tolls for the Greenwich area and Blackwall Tunnel.
Transport for London (TfL) and Greenwich Council are conducting a joint study of “road traffic demand management” in the Greenwich area. This includes consideration of a congestion charge tax (ie. a road toll) on the area bounded by the A102 and A2 — which includes Greenwich park and Greenwich town centre.
As you can see on the map right, it might also cover the Blackwall Tunnel and one option, even if a wide area charge like the central London congestion tax is not implemented, is to impose a toll on the Blackwall Tunnel. The Blackwall Tunnel and the A2 are of course the main routes used by traffic from South-East London and Kent to reach central London.
The joint study of the options is being supported by surveys of residents — more recently by Accent Group but there was also a poll by Mori a few months ago. The latest survey asks respondents to consider two possible zones marked A and B on the map, the time of operation and the charges — £2, £4 or £6 are mentioned but it could be higher for larger vehicles.
Note that the charging zone would include the A2209 (Deptford Church Street) to the west which would be the normal way for traffic from the Surrey Quays, Rotherhithe and Southwark areas to avoid Greenwich town centre, and it may also cover the A2 over Blackheath so most of the diversionary routes would also be covered. In fact to avoid paying the charge, traffic would have to go through the centre of Lewisham which is already severely congested, or take some minor back roads. Clearly this congestion tax would not be readily avoidable by most traffic.
In addition a lot of traffic would likely divert to the new Thames Gateway Bridge and residents in Bexley are already exceedingly concerned about the additional traffic that will generate on their local roads.
It is worth pointing out that the use of “surveys” to lead public opinion in the preferred direction is now a common element of TfL practices. By using a biased survey they can pretend that people support a scheme without doing open and full consultation. And of course so far there has been no indication that most of the road users such as people who use the Blackwall Tunnel will be consulted at all.
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Public Meeting Announcement
As we received an enormous response to our leaflet on the proposed congestion charge in Greenwich, but Transport for London still have not published their detailed proposals, we have decided to hold some public meetings anyway as we promised to do. The first one will be on Saturday the 22nd September commencing at 11.00 am.
The venue is Mycenae House in Blackheath address: 90 Mycenae Road, London, SE3 7SE.
Sign our petition against these proposals.

The leaflet recently issued to more than 100,000 households in Greenwich by the ABD [pdf 141kb]
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