ABD - Speed Cameras - West Yorkshire
Important note about our speed camera database

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A46     m55-m6 northbound junction blackpool area. a46 At various points into Leeds from the a1, errected last week at various points, this is a 40 although a dual carriage way.   40 785 1999-04-28
A58     2 on A58 Easterly Road, Leeds     838 1999-04-29
A58/A64     A58/A64 outbound 1st (sneaky) immediately after the tunnel as the road changes to York Road. - 40mph   40 926 1999-05-04
A58/A64     A58/A64 outbound 2nd outside the Fitness Club, before the Torrey Road, slip road. - 50mph   50 927 1999-05-04
A61     2 on A61 Scott Hall Road, Leeds     837 1999-04-29
A6110 Leeds NW Camera on opp. carriageway c.1 mile SE SE260330 60 364  
A6110 Leeds SE Start of 60mph limit & just before A647 T/O (behind A647 sign) SE250340 60 365  
A62     Huddersfield w/yorks A62 to mancester one at cowersley facing towards huddersfield     828 1999-04-29
A62     Huddersfield w/yorks A62 to mancester two at llinthwaite facing towards huddersfield     829 1999-04-29
A62     Huddersfield w/yorks A62 to mancester oneat slaithwaite facing towards huddersfield as you come in to the thirty zone hidden by a bus stop and a tree     830 1999-04-29
A62     Huddersfield w/yorks A62 to mancester one at marsden again just in a thirty zone hidden by the church fench and trees from the grave vard     831 1999-04-29
A62 Huddersfield   Five are from Marsden into Huddersfield and are sited near villages on route.     1447 1999-07-29
A62 Huddersfield   The sixth is out of Huddersfiled as you join the A62 from the ring road. It is near the police station.     1448 1999-07-29
A62 Huddersfield W A62 Huddersfield/Manchester road, west bound approx. 150 yds from the Huddersfield ring road. This is a one way stretch and the camera is on the left hand side where two lanes reduce to one.     1589 1999-09-13
A64     5 on A64 York Road, Leeds     839 1999-04-29
A64     West Yorkshire - Leeds A64 Citybound 1st after the traffic lights by ASDA at Killingbeck - 50mph   50 924 1999-05-04
A64     West Yorkshire - Leeds A64 Citybound 2nd outside the Irish Centre, after Halton traffic lights. - 50mph   50 925 1999-05-04
A64     Leeds A64 - 3 Eastbound on the inner ring road - first mounted just after the last tunnel exit, second just after the Irish Centre and third just before the Asda superstore at Killingbeck.   40 1007 1999-05-18
A64     Leeds A64 - Westbound (1 0ff), on the way into Leeds just before the Irish Centre. Dual carriageway with a 40 MPH speed limit.   40 1008 1999-05-18
A64 Leeds E A 64 Leeds inner ring road east bound just as you emerge from the last under pass on a bad sweeping left hand .     1520 1999-08-06
A64 Leeds R A64 also has cameras sited on the A64 between seacroft and the inner ring road in both directions     1521 1999-08-06
A64 Leeds   A64 York Road which is a dual carriage way, just after the Killingbeck Traffic lights going into Leeds and on the opposite side just after the Halton Dial traffic lights. It is a 40mph area   40 1614 1999-09-24
A64(M)     A64(M) Leeds Inner Ring Road East Bound Carriageway (towards York). As you leave the 'North Street' flyover, look to your left, there is a new Gatso partially hidden down the side of the bridge construction.     945 1999-05-06
A647     A647 (Stanningley-by-Pass), travelling out of Leeds towards Bradford. In the 60mph zone just before you get to the National Speed Limit sign   60 853 1999-04-30
A649     West Yorkshire Hartshead moor on the A649 on the road from Scholes to Hightown - travelling NE - immediate on entry to 30mph   30 878 1999-04-30
A653 Beeston, Leeds R between the Tommy Wass public house and the Kentucky Fried Chicken SE296304 40 402  
A653 Beeston R A653 Dewsbury Road at Beeston near Leeds, between the Tommy Wass public house and the Kentucky Fried Chicken. On the central reservation of this 40MPH dual carriageway and they keep turning it round   40 497 1998-03-17
M606     gatso recently located south-bound on m606 - 50 mph limit   50 714 1999-03-31
M606     M606 West bound at the junction for the chain-bar roundabout, just before the bend where the M606 jons the M62.     783 1999-04-27
M606   W At bottom of M606, on joining the continuation which links to the M62 (West), directly after the slip road but on the main carriageway. Camera concealed behind 50 limit for the bend.   50 1517 1999-08-06
      are between Penistone & Millhouse Green heading towards barnsley from the West     505 1998-03-25
  Windhill   Also at Windhill heading from Woolley as you enter staincross from the North (North of Barnsley towards wakefield     506 1998-03-25
      New speed camera being commissioned on the York-bound side of the Leeds inner ring road (40mph limit) as it emerges from the New Briggate tunnel.   40 784 1999-04-28
      1 extra on the Stanningley Bypass (already plenty on there).     840 1999-04-29
      Liversedge to Hightown - Halifax Road (4 off), Between the 'Swan' traffic lights and the bridge over the M62. 2 coming down the hill and 2 going up, the road is a 30 MPH area.   30 1009 1999-05-18
  Cleckheaton   Hightown Road, Cleckheaton between Brighouse and Heckmondwike.     2036 2000-03-28

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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