ABD - Speed Cameras - West Midlands
Important note about our speed camera database

 We have reports of SPECS digital speed cameras in the roadworks at M6 J6  

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A34 Walsall N Just over the brow of a hill in two-way section SP032962 40 307 1998-01-17
A34 Solihull   4 speed traps, 2 in each direction within first 400 yards of A3400 from M42 J4 towards Birmingham     754 1999-04-16
A34     Great Barr west midlands J7 M6 All roads heading out from the Scott Arms Juction A34 Newton Road heading from Scott Arms TO West Bromwich, total of 9 gatso`s     825 1999-04-29
A34 Newtown   A34, Between Perry Bar and Newtown, just before Newtown traffic lights as you come off the underpass from a 40mph to a new 30mph limit, heading towards Birmingham City centre.   30 1561 1999-09-13
A38 Birmingham   Multiple cameras     1674 1999-10-18
A40 Bromsgrove   There are 4 speed cameras 2 on either side of the road on the A40 Stratford road between the M42 and the UCI cinema!     1522 1999-08-12
A4041   SW A4041 dual carr.; either side of juncn. with Forge Lane SP030930 50 366  
A41 Wergs W After Danescourt Road. Well hidden in bushes and trees.   40 1910 2000-01-28
A41 Wergs W Between Nursing Home and Danescourt Cemetary of LHS. Well hidden in bushes and trees.   40 1911 2000-01-28
A444 / A4114 Coventry B Multiple, hidden behind bridge abutments SP332782 40 302 1998-02-03
A449 Oxley R Halfway between Three Tuns Lane Island and Vine Island near to school.   40 1909 2000-01-28
A45 Coventry     SP3676   19 1996-02-27
A45 Coventry R Central reservation, between junctions for A46 S & N SP341750 60 299 1998-02-03
A45 Coventry R Central reservation, between junctions for A46 S & S SP348751 60 300 1998-02-03
A452 Streetly   West Midlands - A452 Chester Road, Streetly, between Queslett Rd junction and A454 junction. At least four cameras on long, basically straight road.     1507 1999-07-29
A452 Brownhills   A452 (Chester Rd still?) Brownhills. Several cameras on dual carriageway.     1508 1999-07-29
A454 Walsall W Just after double set of traffic lights SP004987 40 308 1998-01-17
A454 Wolverhampton B Several; cynically underposted Walsall-W'ton 50mph dual carriageway SO920980 50 369  
A454 Walsall   on the A454 westbound coming into Walsall just after the end of the dual carriageway section and on a slightly downhill section of road     507 1998-03-25
A456 Birmingham W After Copthorne Hotel on right, outside Duck Inn SP041859 30 565 1998-05-30
A456 Birmingham E Immediately after traffic lights B4129 junction SP040680 30 566 1998-05-30
A456 Birmingham W 500m after B4129 junction SP034860 30 567 1998-05-30
A456 Birmingham E After Edgbaston Hotel SP034861 30 568 1998-05-30
A456 Birmingham W On right-hand bend after park on right SP015854 40 569 1998-05-30
A456 Birmingham W Downhill straight after A4123 junction SP006852 40 570 1998-05-30
A460 Wednesfield   Two cameras located inside the 30mph section of the A460 Wednesfield   30 1988 2000-03-17
A4600 Coventry B One each side of the Ferodo bridge SP359796 40 301 1998-02-03
A461 Walsall SW Walsall Rd.; juncn. with Boatmans La.; opp. Barons Ct. Hotel SK040030 30 367  
A461 Aldridge N A461 Lichfield Road; opp. juncn. with Harpur Rd. SK020000 40 368  
A491     A491 southbound from stourbridge towards Hagley just past junction with A4036.Its a dual carriageway with a 40mph limit and the camera is situated on a left hand bend which will catch you out nicely just as you come out of the bend   40 1378 1999-06-16
A5 Brownhills   There are now 8 - YES 8 !! New speed camera's in the space of a mile on the A5.... They start from the Island next to the Rising Sun pub island in Brownhills in the West Midlands, and go down the A5 towards the Muckley Corner Island     498 1998-03-17
A5     A5 at NEWTOWN (BROWNHILLS) in 40mph speed limit area 4 cameras on each side of the dual carriageway.   40 984 1999-05-11
A635 Ashton under Lyne B Cameras in both directions on the new dual carriageway on the A635 outside Snipe Retail Park in Ashton under Lyne     2338 2000-09-11
M6 Birmingham B Multiple, in never-ending roadworks SP036952 50 298 1998-02-03
  Whitton   at Whitton there is a reversible camera in the 40 section by the "Winning Post" pub in Whitton   40 454 1998-03-10
  Whitton E also at Whitton, one mile further on, just after the railway bridge is another speed camera on the eastbound side (only).     455 1998-03-10
      On the new road known as the "Black Country Route" which goes west from M6 J10 there are calibration marks on the road, but no cameras in sight     577 1998-05-31
      Coseley, West Midlands, junction of A4213 and A453. Traffic light cameras northbound on A4213     578 1998-05-31
      there are now 7 speed camera's on the A4123 wolverhampton-Birmingham new road     607 1998-09-27
      A454 Willenhall Road, Wolverhampton, two cameras, one just passed the Jet Petrol Station, and the other is oppersite as you come into Wolverhampton, 30mph is in force   30 620 1998-12-15
  West Bromwich   Newton Road towards West Bromwich, form Scoot Arms, Birmingham, Wst Midlands.     1506 1999-07-29
  Northfield, Birmingham B On hill near fire station     2200 2000-06-26
  Northfield, Birmingham B After Northfield before first bend at the side of Manor Park (heavy trees)     2201 2000-06-26
  Northfield, Birmingham B On hill north of Bourneville Police station/petrol station     2202 2000-06-26
  Northfield, Birmingham B Between Fire station and Pebble Mill TV Studios     2203 2000-06-26
  Northfield, Birmingham N 1/2 mile after traffic light junction past Pebble Mill.   30 2204 2000-06-26

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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