ABD - Speed Cameras - Warwickshire
Important note about our speed camera database

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A426 Rugby S Between bridge and Ford garage in left hand lane of dual carriafeway SP496748 40 294 1998-02-03
A426 Rugby N Just past police station by telephone & pillar boxes SP495745 30 295 1998-02-03
A426 Dunchurch S By Football/Cricket ground SP481711 30 296 1998-02-03
A426 Dunchurch N After bridge over M45 SP478704 30 297 1998-02-03
A426 Rugby N Below bridge after Ford garage in left hand lane of dual carriafeway   40 1928 2000-02-04
A446 Coleshill B Station Lane Ind.Est.; Jn. with Gorsey La. SP190910 50 355  
A45   B between A46 at Coventry and M42     21 1996-02-27
A45   W Hidden behind direction sign for A452 SP219832   305 1998-01-17
A45 Coventry SE Beyond Burnsall Road; hill descending to Canley roundabout SP310780 40 357  
A45 Coventry N Approach to A4114 t/o SP280813 60 358  
A45 Coventry W Approach to A452 (Coleshill/Warwick) t/o (behind sign!!!) SP220840 60 360  
B4101 Coventry W Juncn. of B4101 Kelsey Rd. with A452 Kenilworth Rd. SP240760 40 356  
B4429 Rugby   b4429 ashlawn road near inwoods farm     1711 1999-10-26
  Rugby   barby road southbound towards hospital     1710 1999-10-26
  Rugby   mill road approaching train station     1712 1999-10-26
  Rugby   butlers leap near great central way     1713 1999-10-26
  Rugby   By the Golf Club. 2 cameras - downhill past the Butlers Leap pub towards Butlers Leap, and uphill just before the pub.     1714 1999-10-26
  Rugby   hillmorton road by the gec tennis courts     1715 1999-10-26

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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