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Important note about our speed camera database

The 'Staffordshire Casualty Reduction Partnership' now have a complete list of speed camera sites on their website, (although they use the new politically correct name of 'safety cameras'). In view of this the ABD no longer updates the information listed below, though it is still provided as greater detail is given for some locations. Thankyou to everyone who has supplied information to us in the past.

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Staffordshire Casualty Reduction Partnership

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A34   N Hidden in bushes at the bottom of Yarlet Bank     267 1997-08-19
A34 Trentham S c.1/3 mile S.of junction with A500 ring road SJ870200 40 351  
A34 Trentham S c.2/3 mile S of A500 junc. Just after traffic lights. Obscured by sign after Allerton Rd. SJ870100 40 352  
A34     A34 between Stafford and Cannock (Staffordshire) is positively bristling with jolly Gatsos     609 1998-10-12
A34 Trent Vale   A34 in Trent Vale, Newcastle-under-Lyme     1359 1999-06-16
A34 Chesterton   A34 in Chesterton (near to the Friendly Stop Inn)     1360 1999-06-16
A34 Talke N Heading towards Talke from A500 junction, just after 30mph limit on downhill stretch. Should be 50 at that point. SJ828535 30 1601 1999-09-28
A34 Talke S After traffic lights at A5011 junction, just before crossroads and pedestrian crossing. 30 limit reasonable. SJ826537 30 1602 1999-09-28
A34 Tittensor B A34 between Trentham and Stone. Dual-carriageway all the way, 1 Northbound camera, 2 Southbound cameras in 40 limit through village of Tittensor   40 1694 1999-10-18
A34 Tittensor S South of Tittensor on straight 60 mph stretch, absolutely no hazards at this point.   60 1695 1999-10-18
A34 Tittensor   Two speed cameras on the South-bound side     1945 2000-02-28
A34 Tittensor   Camera just after 40 signs on the North-bound carriageway     1946 2000-02-28
A34 Newcastle-under-Lyme B Multiple cameras in mile long 30 limit through Trent Vale. First camera southbound occurs immediately after limit drops from 40 to 30 without any justification.   30 2336 2002-05-20
A34 Newcastle-under-Lyme N Just before City Hospital turn. Replaces former reversible camera on central reservation. New camera is just hidden by bend and far less visible. SJ856449 40 2337 2002-05-20
A449 Stafford S A449 Southbound in Stafford 3 cameras each half a mile apart 1st 0.7 miles from major roundabout near city centre     523 1998-04-09
A449 Stafford S A449 Southbound in Stafford 2nd 1.2 miles from major rounabout near city centre (by Royal Oak pub)     524 1998-04-09
A449 Stafford S A449 Southbound in Stafford 3rd 1.7 miles from major roundabout near city centre     525 1998-04-09
A449     A449 heading from M6 J13 to Wolverhampton (via Penkridge) 1/4 mile after motorway junction, fixed unit     614 1998-12-08
A449     A449 heading from M6 J13 to Wolverhampton (via Penkridge) About 1/2 mile from the 40mph zone in the middle of Penkridge, heading towards wolverhampton   40 615 1998-12-08
A449     A449 heading from M6 J13 to Wolverhampton (via Penkridge) Just before the derestricted zone as you leave Penkridge     616 1998-12-08
A454     A454 The Keyway, Willenhall, one camera as you come to the Portobello island towards Wolverhampton, 50mph is in force   50 621 1998-12-15
A460 Wedges Mills   A460 Wedges Mills - Between Longford Island (A5) and Winking Frog public house travelling in direction of Wolverhampton     499 1998-03-17
A460 Wedges Mills   A460 Wedges Mills - Between M6 island and Wedges Mills travelling towards Cannock     500 1998-03-17
A460     Staffs A460between M6J11 and the Longford Roundabout - one camera each way in two mile narrow section. 40 limit.   40 720 1999-04-08
A460 Rugely to Hednesford SW 500m off the A51 roundabout, heading for Hednesford     1793 1999-12-08
A460 Rugely to Hednesford NE 800m after the houses start heading for Rugely, another a bit further on     1794 1999-12-08
A49     A49 London Road North Bound between Stretton and stockton heath nr Warrington just belore Warrington golf club   40 682 1999-03-25
A5 Tamworth B Hints nr Tamworth SK157028   378  
A5     On the A5 heading from M6 J14 to the A449 When heading towards the A449 the first camera is located appox 1/4 mile from the motorway round about followed by a second facing the same way     617 1998-12-08
A5     On the A5 heading from M6 J14 to the A449 The first is beside the old petrol station the second is about 3/4 mile down the road.     618 1998-12-08
A5     Staffs A5 between M6J12 and the Longford Roundabout - this three mile straight section (it's a Roman Road!) has no less than FIVE cameras, two in one direction and three in the other. 50 limit.   50 719 1999-04-08
A5     Tamworth : On the A5 between Fazely and Mile Oak there is 3 speed cameras.     722 1999-04-08
A50     The newly built A50 dual carriageway from the A500 Stoke to Blythe Bridge has been a VERY regular place for mobile speed traps. The speed limit is 50 but drops to 40 through the Meir tunnel.   40 1782 1999-12-02
A500     staffordshire from the a500 onto the a 34 when you just turn onto the a34 at hanford round about there are 7 camaras in 3 miles     889 1999-05-04
A500 Hough E A500 heading into Hough, Eastbound, 600m after a single carriageway hump-back bridge     1795 1999-12-08
A500 Nantwich to Shavington W 3km on to A500, heading from Nantwich to Shavington, opposite Yellowstone Garage Car Sales, Westbound.     1796 1999-12-08
A5011 Talke N Just after the traffic lights at the A34 junction. Limit should be 40. SJ824538 30 1603 1999-09-28
A5011 Talke S Just after the 30mph limit coming into Talke from Alsager. Limit should be 40. No signs warning that children cross road here en route to and from a school. Crossing needed. SJ822538 30 1604 1999-09-28
A5035 Stoke   A5035 in Stoke, 4 cameras between the A34 and the A50.   30 2210 2000-06-26
A5035 Stoke   A5035 in Stoke, 3 cameras between the A50 and the A34.   30 2211 2000-06-26
A51     A51 Tamworth to Coventry Road : Leaving Tamworth 100yds from the Togates Traffic lights.     723 1999-04-08
A51     A51 Tamworth to Coventry Road : Comming into dosthill from the Coventry side.     724 1999-04-08
A51 Rugeley   On the dual carriageway towards Lichfield, 2 cameras.   40 955 1999-05-08
A51 Rugeley   Staffordshire - A51 Rugeley. Several cameras on dual carriageway (Lichfield side) and single carriageway (Stafford side).     1509 1999-07-29
A51 Rugeley S Just after bend after 40 limit starts.   40 956 1999-05-08
A515 Draycott-in-the-Clay S Just after new (badly designed) roundabout as you approach village SK158296 40 2285 2000-09-11
A515 Draycott-in-the-Clay S Hidden behind tree on left hand bend as you enter village SK158296 40 2286 2000-09-11
A515 Draycott-in-the-Clay S Just before six road junction SK151276 50 2287 2000-09-11
A515 Draycott-in-the-Clay N Just before six road junction SK150274 50 2288 2000-09-11
A515 Draycott-in-the-Clay N At bottom of steep hill as you enter village SK158296 40 2289 2000-09-11
A515 Draycott-in-the-Clay N Just before public house before new roundabout. Obscured by foliage - including the lens. Duuugh! SK158296 40 2290 2000-09-11
A519 Newcastle-under-Lyme   Travelling from Newcastle towards M6J15, camera on top of Clayton Bank, right on the brow   40 2190 2000-06-26
A519 Newcastle-under-Lyme   Travelling from M6J15 towards Newcastle, camera approx 400m before the top of Clayton Bank   40 2191 2000-06-26
A5190 Burntwood to Heath Hayes   6 gatsos on the road fom Lichfield Pipe Hill to Swan Island Burntwood and up to Heath Hayes Island Fiveways.     1883 2000-01-10
A523 Rushton Spencer   Between Leek and Macclesfield. As you enter Rushton Spencer the speed limit drops to a 40 from 60.   40 494 1998-03-17
A523 Leek B Leek - two cameras in each direction on A523 as it enters the town, in both the Macclesfield and Ashbourne directions. 30 limits.   30 1688 1999-10-18
A523/A52     A523/A52 southeast from Leek towards Ashbourne at Bottom House crossroads (Green Man)   50 1689 1999-10-18
A523/A52 Winkhill   A523/A52 southeast from Leek towards Ashbourne - two in 40 mph limit through Winkhill   40 1690 1999-10-18
A523/A52 Waterhouses   A523/A52 southeast from Leek towards Ashbourne - three in 30 mph limit through Waterhouses   30 1691 1999-10-18
A523/A52     A523/A52 southeast from Leek towards Ashbourne - one at crossroads E of Waterhouses     1692 1999-10-18
A523/A52 Swinscoe   A523/A52 southeast from Leek towards Ashbourne - two in 40 mph limit through Swinscoe   40 1693 1999-10-18
A524 Werrington   A524 between Hanley and Cheadle, in Werrington     1361 1999-06-16
A524 Moorside   A524 Moorside catching Stoke bound traffic     1362 1999-06-16
A53   B A53 Stoke on Trent to Leek road. Several cameras at regular intervals between Stockton Brook and Holden Bridge.     752 1999-04-15
A53   NE/SW Staffordshire , A53 Leek to Stoke on Trent NE/SW .About six traps in each direction .     1555 1999-09-13
A53/A519 Newcastle-under-Lyme   A53/A519 Newcastle-under-Lyme Eccleshall Road, camera outside the former Clayton Grammar School heading for M6J15     2216 2000-06-26
B5368 Knutton SW Gatso on Church Lane outside Cherry Hill School   30 2163 2000-06-26
  Hints B 3 camers in Hints. One on hill just fater end of Tamworth by-pass   40 468 1998-03-16
      There are TWO cameras outside Baddeley Green Surgery. These are in addition to the cameras already working in Endon.     753 1999-04-15
  Silverdale W Gatso on Mill Street on the corner of Race Course   30 2164 2000-06-26
  M6J15 to Newcastle-u-Lyme   5 more speed cameras have been fitted all within 1 mile of each other on the main Clayton Rd between junc 15 of M6 in Staffordshire, and Newcastle-Under-Lyme town centre     2197 2000-06-26

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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