ABD - Speed Cameras - South Yorkshire
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Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A1     both ways, all turn offs for doncaster, at least 4 cameras in this area.     787 1999-04-28
A57 South Anston W     40 200 1997-02-24
A57 South Anston W Junction A57/B6060 SK520830 40 346  
A57     South Yorkshire on A57 between Worksop and J 31 M1,at Anston cross roads,after the 40 mph sign.Also one on the Parkway into Sheffield,just after the 40 mph sign,about 1 mile before the end.   40 981 1999-05-10
A6071 Sheffield   A6071 Rivelin Valley Road. Heading out of the city centre west on Rivelin Valley Road, approx. 1/2 a mile after a school, you go round a RH bend and onto a long straight. The police sit in a layby at the end of this straight.   40 1838 1999-12-08
A61 Barnsley S 0.25mile N. of junction with B6248??? SE140100 40 341  
A61 Sheffield N Sheffield A61 Chesterfield Road at the bottom of Meadowhead before Woodseats outside the Abbey public house. Currently facing North to catch anyone heading towards Sheffield     526 1998-04-09
A61 Wakefield S On the A61 South out of Wakefield, Pointing South is a Traffic Light Camera on a crossroad @ SE342181 SE342181   527 1998-03-20
A61 Staincross S A61, Staincross, Pointing South @ 340098 SE340098   532 1998-03-20
A61 Sheffield N A61 (Inner Sheffield Ring Road) - Hanover Way/Upper Hanover Street, dual carriageway, clearway, nice road with a 40mph limit.   40 1930 2000-02-14
A6102 Sheffield N A6102 (Sheffield Ring Road), north of the junction with A57 (Sheffield Parkway), dual-carriageway downhill here. 40mph.   40 1929 2000-02-14
A6102 Sheffield   A6102 - prince of wales rd about 100 yards from the parkway roundabout pointing towards darnall.     1947 2000-02-28
A6102 Sheffield   Van Check - most days the old bus sheds at Darnall and sometimes outside Kvaverners carpark on the A6102.     1951 2000-02-28
A630/A18 Doncaster E c.50yds before junction with A60 SE560100 40 342  
A630/A18 Doncaster W at junction with A60 SE570100 40 347  
A631     A631 : Outside Tanyard Shopping Centre. Reversible speed camera.     1000 1999-05-17
A631 Rotherham   A631 Bawtry Road towards Rotherham     2135 2000-05-22
A631 Rotherham   A631 towards the M18 at the junction/ traffic lights opposite the 'Ball Inn'. 40 mph.   40 2136 2000-05-22
A631 Rotherham R A631 Bawtry Road, after the roundabout opposite the shopping centre and 3 Horse Shoes pub. Reversible. 40 mph   40 2137 2000-05-22
A631 Rotherham   Whiston Cross Roads. Bawtry Road, Moorgate Road junction. One camera covers the traffic lights from the Brecks towards the motorway. 40 mph   40 2138 2000-05-22
A631 Rotherham   Regular hidden speed traps on the A631 Bawtry Road near Listerdale Nursing home. Unit sits in one the private roads off the dual carriageway. 40mph.   40 2139 2000-05-22
A631 Rotherham   A631 Bawtry Road, towards the Brecks/Rotherham. Unit sits in the minor road between the bus stop and the petrol station, catching people coming down the hill. 40mph.   40 2140 2000-05-22
A633 Barnsley SE A633, Barnsley, facing SE, just over brow of a hill in a 30 limit @ SE381047 SE381047 30 528 1998-03-20
A638 Dewsbury to Heckmondwike   new speed cameras placed on Halifax Road from Dewsbury all the way into Heckmondwike     2154 2000-05-22
A649     on the A649 from Leeds Road at Liversedge, between the 'Peking Duck & Pancake Take-Away right up to High Town at the aproach to the dual carriageway about 2 mile before bailiff bridge.     782 1999-04-27
A653 Leeds   Mobile speed trap most days on A653 Dewsbury Road between traffic lights at the Babes in the Wood public house and Shaw Cross Village. Varies between Radar and Laser.   40 1956 2000-02-28
B6056 Eckington W Junction with B6052 SK420780 30 343  
B6056 Eckington E c.0.5 miles E from B6052 camera SK430780 30 344  
B6056 Eckington E c.1 mile E of 2nd camera SK440790 30 345  
  Barnsley NE Barnsley Centre, facing NE, camera situated in 50m stretch of dual carriage way heading out of the town centre @ SE368068 SE368068   529 1998-03-20
  Carlton N Council Estate nr Carlton, Pointing North @ SE357088 SE357088   530 1998-03-20
  Carlton   Nr Carlton, Reversible camera @ SE 368098 SE368098   531 1998-03-20
  Barnsley   Handheld gun in concealed drive just on the Barnsley side of Polar Motors on Dodworth Road Barnsley.Seems to be only in the evenings.     1013 1999-05-20
  Sheffield   Rush hour hand held traffic cop - outside the sheffield arena catching the traffic coming from Darnall & Shepcote lane.     1948 2000-02-28
  Sheffield   Sheffield rd coming from Birdwell just before Grenoside just passed the Norfolk arms.     1949 2000-02-28
  Sheffield   Sheffield Parkway just before the town round about.     1950 2000-02-28
  Sheffield   Woodwalk heading to Wombwell a couple of hundred yards in to the urban area.     1952 2000-02-28
  Sheffield   Just passed Tesco heading in to Wombwell.     1953 2000-02-28

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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