ABD - Speed Cameras - South Glamorgan
Important note about our speed camera database

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A4161 Cardiff W Leaving city centre A4161 end of Duke street at the lights (junction with Cathedral Rd). Slightly obscured by bend in road. Dual to Single carriageway.   30 2117 2000-04-26
A47 Cardiff   Cardiff A47 at Coryton in 40 mph at first set of traffic lights. 2 cameras pointing into and out of Cardif   40 970 1999-05-10
A470 Cardiff   Cardiff A470 at Civic centre in 30mph at traffic lights pointing into cardiff   30 971 1999-05-10
A470 Cardiff   On the southbound carriageway of the A470 Manor Way Cardiff along side Whitchurch Golf Club.   40 2015 2000-03-28
A470 Cardiff   North road (A470) after Gabalfa interchange heading in to the city centre. 30mph dual-carriageway.   30 2025 2000-03-28
A48 Cardiff   Two heading into Cardiff toward Ely roundabout on A48. 30mph dual-carriageway   30 2023 2000-03-28
A48 Cardiff   One heading out of Cardiff on A48 toward Culverhouse Cross. 30mph dual-carriageway.   30 2024 2000-03-28
A48 Gabalfa   A48 (Eastern Avenue) inbound towards the Gabalfa flyover, there is a new GATSO camera just before the newly built slip road for the hospital, just past the 40mph part of the road.   40 2315 2000-09-11
A48(M) Cardiff W Mobile police using black Twingo-type van with one rear window removed. In roadworks at University of Wales.     2170 2000-06-26
A48(M) Cardiff W Gatso Camera with road markings on the A48(M) dual carriageway, westbound just after entering NEW 40 speedlimit   40 2337 2000-09-11
B4262 Radyr   On the B4262 outside the main entrance of Radyr Comprehensive school in Radyr     2016 2000-03-28
B4487 Cardiff   Cardiff B4487, Citybound. on Newport road. Top of Llanrumney hill. Just after petrol station and just before lights.30mph dual-carriageway.   30 2106 2000-04-20
  Taffs Well S Heading in to Taffs Well Village just before ind est.(south bound Cardiff road)     2118 2000-04-26
  Ely, Cardiff   Speed camera located on Cowbridge Rd West, Ely, Cardiff (100 yrds up from the Blockbuster video store). It has been placed behind a tree and is barely visible     2168 2000-06-26
  Cardiff   Mobile police using black Twingo-type van with one rear window removed. Lake Road East and West     2171 2000-06-26
  Cardiff   Mobile police using black Twingo-type van with one rear window removed. Rumney Hill     2172 2000-06-26
  Pentwyn, Cardiff   GATSO speed camera on Pentwyn Road, just past the junction of Pentwyn Drive on the left as you travel towards Cyncoed     2312 2000-09-11

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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