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Northamptonshire Police have begun to target efforts on trunk roads, so as to catch a higher proportion of out-of-county drivers. This helps to deflect local criticism and stop councillors losing votes, however Northamptonshire residents have not got off completely unscathed, burglaries in the county have risen by 26%. Not that we are suggesting that has anything to do with the police picking easy targets.....

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A14 near Molesworth between Thrapston (A605) and A1 E Talivan sometimes parked on verge beside A14 immediately after B660 junction and overbridge.
TL095743 NSLA - 2005-06-24
A422 Farthinghoe   A422 Farthinghoe     2053 2000-03-28
A428 Harlestone   A428 Harlestone     2054 2000-03-28
A428 Harlestone N On a fairly steep downhill slope, approx 200m inside 30 limit   30 2281 2000-09-11
A43 Geddington   Two in the village of Geddington     2058 2000-03-28
A43 Milton Malsor N Mobile on a Bridge, vicinity of Milton Malsor over the A43 for traffic on A43 approaching from South (into Northampton)     2215 2000-06-26
A433 RAF Croughton S new gatso on A43 near RAF Croughton on the approach to the M40 southbound     2180 2000-06-26
A45 Brackmills Bridge SW Mobile at Brackmills Bridge over the A45 ring road for traffic approaching from NE     2214 2000-06-26
A45 Northampton to Wellingboro B New SPECS digital cameras     2282 2000-09-11
A45 Mereway   Mobile camera spotted outside Mereway school on the A45. There is currently a 40 mph limit along this stretch (used to be 50 mph   40 2311 2000-09-11
A508 Brixworth   A508 N of Brixworth     2048 2000-03-28
A508 Roade   A508 near Roade     2049 2000-03-28
A508 Northampton   A508 Kingsthorpe Rd in Northampton     2050 2000-03-28
A508 Northampton   A508 Barrack Rd in Northampton     2051 2000-03-28
A508 Roade S About a mile North of Roade, heading from Northampton   60 2280 2000-09-11
A5095 Northampton   Rushmere Rd Northampton     2057 2000-03-28
A6003 Rockingham   A6003 Rockingham     2052 2000-03-28
A605 Thrapston   A605 Thrapston     2055 2000-03-28
A605 Oundle   A605 Oundle     2056 2000-03-28
A605 Thorpe Waterville   Camera pointing towards Oundle     2332 2000-09-11
A605 Thrapston   Camera is between Thrapston and the Titchmarsh turn pointing toward Thrapston     2333 2000-09-11
  Northampton   Barrack Road Northampton, near GPO Main sorting office coming into town from Kingsthorpe     2293 2000-09-11
  Northampton   Barrack Road Northampton, at traffic lights near Bells coming into town from Kingsthorpe.     2294 2000-09-11
  Northampton   Mobiles on the Lumbertubs Way just before Tescoe towards the A45 - half hidden by bushes, usually Friday morning or lunchtime.     2295 2000-09-11

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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