ABD - Speed Cameras - London
Important note about our speed camera database

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A1     A1:Islington Green reversible / Holloway Road reversible just north of Railway bridge / Holloway Road north of Nag's Head     538 1998-04-12
A1     Mill Hill London NW7 Between Stirling Corner and Apex corner, on central reservation just in the 50 mph limit, reversable.   50 747 1999-04-12
A1   S Barnet By-Pass, Mill Hill NW7. At new lights just prior to the fiveways corner.   30 748 1999-04-12
A1     1/2 mile north of Apex corner Edgeware , reversable also     790 1999-04-28
A1     200yds past TGI Fridays     1002 1999-05-18
A10   B between M25 and N Circular     11 1996-02-27
A10   N A10 north from The North Circular, south of the M25, there are about three spaced about 4 spaced about a mile between each. And they have film in!     997 1999-05-17
A10 Enfield   1.5 miles from junction on Dual carriageway. Reversible. (Speed limit 40mph - WILL flash from 47mph+) Not always loaded.   40 1414 1999-06-25
A10 Enfield   1.5 miles further: Camera's both ways. Obscured by trees at side of road. Again Flashes but not loaded most of the time. (I hope!)     1415 1999-06-25
A10 Enfield   2 miles further: On long uphill for a bridge. Camera's both ways. Equally sensitive.     1416 1999-06-25
A10 Enfield S 2.5 miles further (!) Terraced houses on left. Just before N.Circular junction, Camera Southbound only.     1417 1999-06-25
A10 Tottenham N Gatso Northbound in Tottenham on A10 between junction of A107 with A10 and the Seven Sisters Junction 2     2027 2000-03-28
A102(M)     A102(M) after Blackwall Tunnel, speed limit is 40. Out the tunnel, round the bend and approaching the bridge. Camera at start of bridge.   40 998 1999-05-17
A102(M) London   North bound a couple of hundred yards before the Blackwall Tunnel entrance. 30 mph   30 1392 1999-06-18
A102(M) London   A102(M) for Blackwall Tunnel. Reduced to 50mph. Several locations.   50 1393 1999-06-18
A12 London   A12 in London, several well-hidden cameras along the new link road between the Blackwell Tunnel and the North Circular. Limit varries between 40 and 50 mph.   40 - 50 1964 2000-03-13
A13 Becton R Between At East Side of A406 junction   50 2246 2000-07-31
A13 Barking W Just west of Movers Lane Flyover, just before overhead footbridge   40 2247 2000-07-31
A20     A20 sidcup road goes from 3 lanes to 2 just comming in to 50mph on most sets of lights all the way in to lewisham some are well hidden behind trees 7 in total   50 760 1999-04-17
A2022     A2022, Selsdon. Junction with Pixton Way and Monks Hill (approx. halfway between Selsdon High Street and Addington roundabout). Reversible camera     763 1999-04-18
A212     A212 Gravel Hill, Croydon, 40mph dual carriageway eastbound (towards Addington), on approach to footbridge and tram crossing.   40 761 1999-04-18
A212     A212. Coombe Lane, near junction with Oaks Road. Camera for Croydon-bound traffic (W) enforcing a 30mph limit downhill approach to the Oaks Road junction - a highly notorious accident blackspot before the camera was put in   30 762 1999-04-18
A212 Croydon W A212 Gravel Hill, Croydon bound, about 50 yards after the dual-carriageway ends, just before the hill.   30 1681 1999-10-18
A214     A214, Elmers End. Camera on wide, semi-urban 30mph stretch from Birkbeck station to Elmers End Green. Could be reversed   30 764 1999-04-18
A217     A217 Belmont Rise nr. Cheam northbound and southbound cameras approx. mile south of junc. with A232     599 1998-07-13
A22 Purley   Purley (S. London) A22 Loads going both ways along Purley Way. Sensitive and DO prosecute. Stick rigourously to speed limits round there.     1420 1999-06-25
A23     A23 sites between london <--> M23:- streatham hill opp mecca ballroom dual carrigeway reversible in centre     539 1998-04-12
A23     A23 streatham high road (just south of sainsbury's) 4 lanes separate cameras in both directions     540 1998-04-12
A23     A23 south of Coulsdon Railway Station in 40mph zone:- 3 separate cameras all reversible in centre of road     547 1998-04-12
A23(T)     A23 (T), Purley. Several cameras in 30mph and 40mph stretches of Purley Way and Brighton Road. Note, both directions on A23 Brighton Road   30 765 1999-04-18
A232(T)     A232 (T), Shirley. Approx. halfway between Shirley and Central Croydon on 30mph urban stretch, reversible camera.   30 766 1999-04-18
A236 Croydon   A236 Old Town, Croydon, a 40mph dual carriageway with a centrally mounted reversible camera between the Croydon Flyover and the Parish Church.   40 2327 2000-09-11
A237     A237 woodcote grove road southbound nr junction with The Vale     548 1998-04-12
A24     A24 Morden Road at Merton reversible camera just south of railway bridge     601 1998-07-13
A24 Morden S Epsom Rd Morden. Going south near bottom of George hill.     1624 1999-09-29
A243   B Hook Rd. On central reservation 400 yds from A3 junction. Points both ways.     1627 1999-09-29
A243   N Leatherhead Rd. Going north 400 yds before Malden Rushett just before 30-mph speed limit.     1628 1999-09-29
A297     A297 St.Helier Avenue southbound approx. 1/2 mile south of Morden Hall roundabout     600 1998-07-13
A3 Putney Heath E just before the underpass at the A219 junction   40 75 1996-04-13
A3 Wandsworth NE     30 77 1996-04-13
A3     Northbound (A3) Hidden behind roadsign on bend after Raynes Park Junction     873 1999-04-30
A3     Northbound (A3) Hidden behind roadsign on bend (surprise, surprise!) just before Coombe Lane Junction     874 1999-04-30
A3     Coming south there are 6 cameras on the A3 between Wandsworth and Hook - 50mph   50 957 1999-05-08
A3     Going north from Hook on the A3 there are 5. (there is another just before Hook) - 50mph   50 958 1999-05-08
A3 Tolworth   Tolworth heading towards London. 400 yds after end of Tolworth underpass at Elmbridge Ave.   50 1630 1999-09-29
A3 New Malden   Shannon Corner heading towards London. At end of Shannon Corner flyover. Very difficult to spot. 30mph during road works   50 1631 1999-09-29
A3 Wandsworth   Wandsworth heading towards London. Halfway down West Hill   50 1632 1999-09-29
A3 Kingston Vale S Kingston Vale. Going south shortly after ASDA store.   50 1633 1999-09-29
A3 Kingston Vale S Kingston Vale. Going south 200 yds after A306 junction.   50 1634 1999-09-29
A3 Kingston upon Thames S Kingston By Pass. Going south just after Coombe Lane flyover before Carters Bridge.   50 1635 1999-09-29
A3 Kingston upon Thames S Kingston By Pass. Going south at the end of the Shannon Corner flyover.   50 1636 1999-09-29
A3 Kingston upon Thames S Kingston By Pass. Going south between South Lane and Tolworth Underpass.   50 1637 1999-09-29
A3 Tolworth   Mobile. Tolworth heading towards London, just before the A2043 junction to New Malden.     2060 2000-04-04
A3/A298   E Mobile. On the off ramp from the A3 to Bushey Road (E bound) A298 on the rh side of the road, just before crossing the A3. This is in a new temporary 30mph zone.   30 2061 2000-04-04
A30 Heathrow Airport   Reversible camera in the dual carriageway section right by Terminal 4 and the large white Hilton Hotel.     509 1998-03-25
A30 Hatton Cross R Camera sited on the A30 between Hatton Cross tube station and 'The Parkway', heading towards M4 J3. The camera is reversible and sited more or less opposite the BA Engineering base   50 2155 2000-05-22
A306 Putney Heath N&S half way up hill on each pavement TQ226735 30 143 1996-06-21
A306 Roehampton N central reservation, junction at hospital gates TQ222743 30 144 1996-06-21
A308 Kingston Hill   Kingston Hill. Four cameras (2 each side) between University and hospital.     1638 1999-09-29
A316 Hanworth E On A316 eastbound. - at Hanworth there is a reversible speed camera on the central reservation of the 3-lane-each-way road, right by the Shell garage on a nice straight section ** Now 50mph (reduced from 70)**   50 453 1998-03-10
A316     A316 eastbound, Clifford Ave. Between A205 junction and Chiswick Bridge. 40MPH limit   40 841 1999-04-29
A316     A316 eastbound, Great Chertsey Road. After Chiswick Bridge/Hartington Road traffic lights. 40MPH limit   40 842 1999-04-29
A316     A316 reversible. Country Way. Opposite Shell garage. ** Reduced to 50mph **   50 843 1999-04-29
A316     A316 eastbound. Chertsey Road. Between the Whitton roundabout and Currie's roundabout (near the rugby ground). 40MPH limit   40 844 1999-04-29
A316     A316 westbound. Chertsey Road. Between Currie's roundabout and the Whitton roundabout (near the rugby ground). 40MPH limit   40 845 1999-04-29
A316     A316 Reversible, between Rugby Ground (Currie Motors roundabout). 40 limit - NOT THERE   40 847 1999-04-29
A316 London R London, A316 Chertsey Road, Reversible between Apex Corner and Chubb House.     1543 1999-08-27
A316 Twickenham W Twickenham Bridge. Going west just after bridge.     1639 1999-09-29
A4 West Kensington E on left at Gliddon Road junction TQ242785 30 145 1996-06-21
A4 West Kensington W on left at North End Road junction TQ246784 30 146 1996-06-21
A4     A4 reversible. Great West Road. Between Hogarth roundabout and Hammersmith Flyover. 40MPH limit   40 846 1999-04-29
A4 Hammersmith Flyover E Mobile trap with motorbikes to chase offenders - operates into the evening.     2065 2000-04-04
A40   R Central reservation after the Hillingdon junction   70 60 1996-04-13
A40     London - Between the end of elevated section of the A40 and the Southall turnoff there are three speed cameras on each side of the road, plus a reversible central reservation camera.     805 1999-04-29
A40     Eastbound A40 at Perivale just passed the old Hoover building (now Tesco's) nearside speed limit reduced to 40 mph although this is a 3 lane road.   40 813 1999-04-29
A40     Eastbound A40 A few hundred yards after the above camera, hidden behind a large road sign nearside just before the Hanger lane underpass. Again 40 mph.   40 814 1999-04-29
A40     A40 Westbound. White City coming off the Northern roundabout flyover jnct. A41(M) approx. 400mts nearside 40mph 3 lanes.   40 815 1999-04-29
A40     A40 Westbound. Park Royal just passed the jnct. of A4000 central reservation 40 mph 3 lanes.   40 816 1999-04-29
A40     A40 Westbound. On exiting the Hanger Lane underpass jnct. A406 400mts nearside 40mph 3 lanes.   40 817 1999-04-29
A40     A40 perivale(london) at the end of the slip road outside the tesco hoover building, only a few hundred yards before the one just after the vanguard building both heading into london.     897 1999-05-04
A40     a40.just after the target roundabout into town -fixed camera - 50mph   50 972 1999-05-10
A4007   E   TQ032826 30 107 1996-05-25
A4020     Uxbridge Road A4020 Westbound on Hillingdon Hill outside the cemetry heading from Hilligdon toward Uxbridge.     818 1999-04-29
A406 Neasden SW almost hidden behind a sign TQ213857 40 139 1996-06-21
A406     North Circular road (A406) in London Approaching NEW SOUTHGATE / BOUNDS GREEN area, just after the slip road for Muswell Hill when travelling clockwise, and just after exiting the tunnel heading anti-clockwise     519 1998-04-08
A406     North Circular road (A406) in London Leaving BRENT CROSS slip road     520 1998-04-08
A406     North Circular road (A406) in London Clockwise, about halfway between traffic lights for WILLESDEN / NEASDEN, and turnoff for the A5     521 1998-04-08
A406     A406 North Circular, North bound traffic. Between Chiswick Roundabout and Gunnersbury Lane right next to the International School. 40 limit.   40 661 1999-03-24
A406     A406 North Circular East Bound Near Side Approx. 1/4 mile prior to slip road leading down to M1/A5 Roundabout. 40 Limit.   40 798 1999-04-29
A406     North just before Wembley junction. 50MPH   50 1608 1999-09-23
A406     Next just before Ikea 40MPH   40 1609 1999-09-23
A406     Next just after Ikea 40MPH   40 1610 1999-09-23
A406     Next just before Pedestrian Lights before Staples Corner 40MPH   40 1611 1999-09-23
A406 Walthamstow   Camera on A406 approaching exit to Walthamstow dog track from direction of Tottenham. The Gatso is hidden behind road sign on road side     1723 1999-10-28
A406 Walthamstow   Gatso covering traffic going towards Tottenham - 50mph   50 1724 1999-10-28
A406 Walthamstow   Gatso on the A406 as you travel from Tottenham towards the M11 this is adjacent to the last slip road entry on to the North Circular before the slip road exit onto the M11.     1725 1999-10-28
A406     A406 in London on the clock wise side after the A10/A406 junction just as you enter the Fore Street tunnel partly hidden by a road Sign     1967 2000-03-13
A406 Edmonton W A406 located just before the Fore Street tunnel at Edmonton on anti clockwise direction well hidden behind road sign at bottom of slip road exiting the North Circular     2144 2000-05-22
A41     A41 Southbound Brent Cross London NW4: Prior to Brent cross shopping centre slip road 40 mph hidden behind direction signs   40 749 1999-04-12
A41     A41 Southbound Brent Cross London NW4: Beyond the end of the flyoverover the North Circular road, past the ornate Electricity Board substation, 40 mph.   40 750 1999-04-12
B283 New Malden S Hiding behind a tree on the left on clear straight downhill stretch shortly after top of Coombe Hill   30 1784 1999-12-08
B466     B466 (Ruislip to Ickenham) the camera is located 200 yards south of West Ruislip Tube Station. It is reversible but generally faces south towards the A40.     806 1999-04-29
M1   N M1 J2/3, 3 trailer mounted Gatso's on the Northbound carriageway - Gatso #1 200m from J2 on ramp   50 1667 1999-10-18
M4 West Drayton R nr Heathrow central reservation TQ075781 50 136 1996-06-21
M4   E Start of elevated section TQ162785 50 161 1996-07-15
M4 Brentford E At Junction 2 TQ182784 50 162 1996-07-15
M4     M4 Heathrow spur has a reversible camera 300m from the junction with the M4 proper     560  
M4     M4 Junction 3, next one after the Heathrow junction. About 200 yeards before the turn off onto the slip road.     666 1999-03-24
M4     M4 At the exit of the Heston services. Just as you come past the junction, about 150 yards before the slip road merges with the motorway. This one is operational as I have seen it flash.   50 667 1999-03-24
M4     M4 Just before the motorway ends and just after the road goes into 2 lanes where the formal 50mph limit comes into force.   50 668 1999-03-24
M4   E camera eastbound m4 just after j3     1431 1999-07-05
    SW   TQ172651 50 71 1996-05-25
      Thornton Heath north of Thornton heath Roundabout near Macdonalds northbound only     541 1998-04-12
      Thornton Road north of Lombard Roundabout Northbound only before MFI     542 1998-04-12
      Just north of Ikea, cameras on both sides, northbound hidden by tree!!     543 1998-04-12
      Purley Way reversible just south of fiveway junction near Queensway     544 1998-04-12
      Purley Way at south end of dual carrigeway just south of start of 40 mph zone   40 545 1998-04-12
      Opposite Tesco's south of junction with A22 on both sides of 4 lane dual carrigeway     546 1998-04-12
      A308 Staines Road in Ashford (Middx) junction with Chertsey Road has traffic light camera eastbound - "Black Dog" pub junction     561  
      There is also a front facing Gatso with what looks like an infra red flash about a mile from the A4 junction on the anti-clockwise side of the A406     583 1998-06-17
      Three new cameras being installed eastbound on M4 between Heston services and elevated section     611 1998-11-02
      Gunnersbury Avenue, both directions. Between Gunnersbury Lane and Uxbridge Road. Just before riding school on left if travelling north. 30 limit.   30 662 1999-03-24
  Highgate   Sited between The Bishop's Ave & Archway Rd, a dual-carriageway. Camera on central reservation and reversible. Speed limit 40mph (?).   40 908 1999-05-04
      next is by b&q about 600yds after target-townbound - 50mph   50 973 1999-05-10
      next by the hoover building is a 40 fixed cam. also townbound.   40 974 1999-05-10
      next is by hanger lane townbound a 40 mph   40 975 1999-05-10
      next is after the b.p. garage townbound a 40mph.   40 976 1999-05-10
      out of london the first is after shephards bush a 40 mph   40 977 1999-05-10
      after hanger lane out of town a sneaky 40 mph   40 978 1999-05-10
      then just before target a 50 mph   50 979 1999-05-10
      Nightingale Lane, Balham. To enforce 30mph.   30 982 1999-05-10
      Trinity Road, Wandsworth. Bi-directional to enforce the 40mph speed limit on the dual caraigeway.   40 983 1999-05-10
  London   Blackfriars Tunnel - laser gun as you exit the tunnel   30 1969 2000-03-13
  Kensington   East Prescot Road, Kensington, one going out of the City and one coming into the City. Location, between Belmont road and Green lane   30 2310 2000-09-11

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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