ABD - Speed Cameras - Lincolnshire
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Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A1     Lincolnshire Northbound On the approach to the Roundabout at the junction with the A151     595 1998-07-07
A1     Lincolnshire Northbound Just before the village of Great Ponton     596 1998-07-07
A1     Lincolnshire Southbound Just before the village of Great Ponton     597 1998-07-07
A1     Lincolnshire Southbound On the approach to the Roundabout at the junction with the A151     598 1998-07-07
A1073     Linconshire A1073 in Cowbit facing peterbrough on left hand bend after laybuy approx 0.5 mile into village, just before 30mph zone.   40 885 1999-05-04
A1073 Eye to Crowland N A1073 (Eye to Crowland Road near Peterborough) two cameras in the 30 mile an hour limit facing North to Spalding, catching traffic heading to Eye roundabout   30 2109 2000-04-20
A15     A15 north of lincoln, Northbound 1 mile south of Scampton outside showground.     671 1999-03-25
A15     Lincolnshire A15 entering the villages of Baston & Langtoft, travelling south to Mkt Deeping.Both sites hidden behind 50 speed signs with road markings.   50 771 1999-04-24
A15 Lincoln R Truvelo camera on the A15 in Central Lincoln at Broadgate, centre of dual carriageway near pedestrian crossing, 30mph, reversible   30 2192 2000-06-26
A15   S A15 south bound between Scunthorpe and Lincoln. Opposite the A15 Boarding Kennels. 2.5 miles from the Lincs / North Lincs border.   60 2218 2000-06-27
A151 Weston E A151 Spalding to Holbeach, in the village of Weston. Eastbound, outside church, just after Carters Arms pub, road markings generally hidden by parked cars.   40 1346 1999-12-02
A151 Whaplode   Whaplode on A151, on left 300yds inside 40mph sign when entering Whaplode from Holbeach.   40 2121 2000-05-02
A153 Coningsby   A153 at Coningsby, Lincolnshire - camera situated to get vehicles travelling through Coningsby towards Horncastle it is facing you on the right as you go over the river bridge     2301 2000-09-11
A153 Tattershall R Tattershall A 153 Truvelo between school and river faces either way 30 mph speed limit   30 2326 2000-09-11
A156 Lea R Truvelo on the A156 at Lea, on the approach to Gainsborough, this is a very wide single carriageway, 40mph, reversible   40 2196 2000-06-26
A16     In the village of Stickney southbound, just after entering the 40 limit, camera on left and marks visible.   40 711 1999-03-29
A16     A16 Spalding to Boston bypass, on left hand side going to Boston, just before Algarkirk roundabout, national speed limit, road markings   60 1347 1999-06-16
A16 North Thoresby   Gatso camera 6 miles south of Grimsby. Facing southbound on bends just before North Thoresby. Camera protected by Armco barrier. Also road markings. Camera reported missing October 2006.   60 2064 2000-04-04
A17     A17 Kings Lynn to Sleaford, nice big very wide road, starting to become a gatzo saturation zone.     786 1999-04-28
A17     A17 Algarkirk to Sleaford, on left going to Sleaford, just before, Swienshead Bridge level crossings, natinal limit, raod markings   60 1348 1999-06-16
A17   W A17 Westbound, about 4 miles after leaving Sutton Bridgeon long straight leading to minor crossroads, about 250m before Wisbech/Long Sutton roundabout (2 filling stations, 1 unused in vicinity)   60 1550 1999-08-27
A17 Long Sutton   Long Sutton bypass on A17, 300yds east of the B1390 junction.     2120 2000-05-02
A17 Cranwell R A17 East bound, camera just before RAF Cranwell and one after passing Cranwell, just before the petrol station after the cross roads. 3 cameras in two miles, two of them reversible.     2134 2000-05-22
A46     Lincoln By-pass A46 southbound between A15 and A57 junctions     672 1999-03-25
A46     Newark to Lincoln, straight section of road, after petrol station on left and approaching turn to old RAF Swinderby, camera on left behind sign, marks not very visible.   60 713 1999-03-29
A52     A52 just outside Wrangle Lincolnshire. As you enter Wrangle village 40 mph limit from Skegness towards Boston.   40 880 1999-04-30
A52     Lincolnshire - A52 Barrowby (Near Grantham) - Faces Nottingham Bound traffic. Locatated at the end of the down hill section of a small dual carriageway, just after the A52/A1 junction     881 1999-04-30
A57 Newton on Trent E This is in a 60 limit on a wide straight section, but is visible if you are looking.   60 626 1999-02-01
A6121 Stamford   Stamford - on A6121 entering Stamford from the north Rhall/Bourne. The camera is 150yds on left past the 30mph sign, hidden behind a tree   30 2122 2000-05-02
B1174 Grantham   B1174 Grantham - Gonerby Hill Foot. Faces Grantham bound traffic, 100 yds before railway bridge, partially hidden by sign. Speed limit - 30mph   30 1987 2000-03-17
      City of Lincoln coming into Lincoln from Bracebridge Heath on Cross O Cliff hill.     674 1999-03-25
      City of Lincoln coming into Lincoln from by pass on Skellingthorpe Rd.     675 1999-03-25

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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