ABD - Speed Cameras - Leicestershire
Important note about our speed camera database

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A4304 Husbands Bosworth E A4304 Eastbound (towards Mkt Harborough) in Husbands Bosworth, just passed the A50 turn.     1646 1999-09-29
A4304 North Kilworth W A4304 Westbound (towards Lutterworth) in North Kilworth.     1647 1999-09-29
A4304 (A427) North Kilworth W Traffic lights at juncn. with B5199 (was B5414) SP620840 30 334  
A47 Leicester SE North Evington? SP630060 30 331  
A50 Leicester SE Traffic lights Markworth Rd., nr Lena Drive SK510080 50 333  
A50 Groby S A50 approx 1 mile north of Groby in Leicestershire. Camera is facing southbound and there are signs and road markings.     1649 1999-10-05
A6 Leicester N At traffic lights nr. Citroen dealer Evans Halshaw   40 330  
A6     A6 @ Great Glen in both directions, quite recent, warning signs, traffic calming measures as you enter the village from the north.     986 1999-05-13
A6 Great Glen S A6 Southbound (towards Mkt Harborough) in Great Glen.     1648 1999-09-29
A6 Kegworth   Speed trap in Kegworth on the A6. At the 30 mph limit approaching from Loughborough.   30 1966 2000-03-13
A6 Kegworth   At the Northern end of the A6 at Kegworth, at the entrance to the village as you approach from M1J24, opposite the Kegworth Motel, at the start of the 40 limit.   40 2184 2000-06-26
      Aylestone road side of Leicester its on the way out of town sited just past the bp station..watch out though because its been sited just in line with a bus stop sign     923 1999-05-04

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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