ABD - Speed Cameras - Dyfed
Important note about our speed camera database

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A476 Cross Hands N On Heol Bryngwili, a downhill stretch half-way between Kew Gardens and Pontardulais Road (Old A48)     2245 2000-07-31
A478 Clynderwen   Speed camera in the village of Clynderwen A478 to Cardigan in Carmarthenshire     1855 1999-12-16
A478 Llandissilio S Just after entering village from North SN119199 40 2256 2000-07-31
A48 Cross Hands to Carmarthen W Mobile laser in a lay-by, pointing backwards up a hill on downward dual carriangeway of the A48, about 4 miles westwards from Cross Hands, going towards Carmarthen.   70 2071 2000-04-04
A484     A484 Bronwydd Road, half mile beyond Francis Well junction with A485 - only straight strech of A484 for about 6 miles - resist temptation to overtake - police often hide around here   30 2012 2000-03-28
A484 Pwll E Just after entering Pwll around the left-hand corner before the pedestrian lights. Also, take care after the speed camera as police like to hide near Stradey Hill (about 1/2 mile down road)     2244 2000-07-31
B4308 Trimsaran N Downhill just after passing 30mph sign and leaving forest area heading towards Kidwelly/Pontyates   30 2243 2000-07-31
B4309 Pontyates S Pontyates facing down hill just before school on left, or in between village of Menciau and Pontyates Primary School.     2205 2000-06-26
B4312 Johnstown S Johnstown B4312 Llanstephan Road - Gatso just beyond junction with Alltycnap Road (flyover over A40 dual carriageway) in direction of estates/schools/Llanstephan.   30 2011 2000-03-28

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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