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Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A50 Burton upon Trent W on entering town by big wall 300yd after Texaco and roundabout   40 223 1997-04-14
A50 Bretby E Just before right turn to Bretby business park   50 224 1997-04-14
A50/A5111 Burton upon Trent SE Tutbury? SK220290 30 315  
A50/A5111 Burton upon Trent SE Rolleston? SK230260 30 316  
A5111     Cameras on A5111 Derby Ring Road: Raynesway: central reservation by Derby County training ground. 50 limit. Reversible   50 886 1999-05-04
A5111     Cameras on A5111 Derby Ring Road: Harvey road: both ways alternated. on dual carriageway near Mitre pub ALWAYS active 40 limit   40 887 1999-05-04
A5111     Cameras on A5111 Derby Ring Road: Osmaston Park road: both ways 40 limit   40 888 1999-05-04
A608     There are seven gatso's between Heanor and Ilkeston on the A608. This is a popular 40 mph road feeding the 'American Adventure' theme park.   40 946 1999-05-06
A61 Chesterfield to Alfreton   A61 between Chesterfield and Alfreton, just at the Alma Park centre which is just up from the island of the A61/A617 almost in the town.     1829 1999-12-08
A61 Chesterfield to Alfreton   A61 between Chesterfield and Alfreton, about a mile on from the Alma Park Centre just past the Texaco service station.     1830 1999-12-08
A619 Chesterfield W Opp. Robinsons Caravans, Brimington SK410730 30 317  
A619 Chesterfield E c.200yds. further in direction Worksop SK480770 40 318  
A619 Chesterfield E opp. The Bungalows, Staveley SK450750 40 319  
A619 Chesterfield E Woodthorpe c.1/4 mile bef. Norbriggs Road opp.school SK430750 30 320  
A619 Chesterfield E nr. Private Drive, Brimington SK420740 30 321  
A619 Chesterfield W After Tapton Drive opp. Lansdowne Road, Brimington SK390730 40 322  
A619 Chesterfield W at Ringwood Ave., opp Blakes Group Vauxhall Garage SK430730 30 323  
A619 Chesterfield E opp. Middlecroft St., Staveley SK460760 40 324  
A619 Chesterfield W before Gate Inn nr. B5419/B6419 intersection with A619 SK470770 40 325  
A619 Chesterfield E after Gate Inn nr. B5419/B6419 intersection with A619 SK470770 40 326  
A619     Further north, on the A619 between Worksop and J30 of the M1 there are at least four cameras on this seven mile section of road     508 1998-03-25
A632 Nether Langwith (2) A pair of highly visible yellow Truvelo cameras located either side of a zebra crossing situated on the crest of a hill. This is a rare example of a good use of speed cameras, as the zebra crossing marks are completely hidden by virtue of being on the crest of the hill.
Though there is a concern that the speed cameras are so much more prominent than the crossing that drivers are likely to be looking at their speedometer rather than paying attention to the crossing.
The real issue here is why anyone had the stupidity to put the crossing there in the first place, and given that it is there, why hasn't it been turned into a Pelican crossing?
  30 - 2005-06-29
B6019 South Normanton to Alfreton   M1 J28, South Normanton to Alfreton town centre - Total of 6 Speed Cameras, All in 30mph zone   30 2242 2000-07-31
      One camera is sited in the 30mph zone just past Heanor Hospital going towards Ilkeston.   30 947 1999-05-06

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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