ABD - Speed Cameras - Bedfordshire
Important note about our speed camera database

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A1     in the central reservation north of the Sandy Roundabout just south of the Girtford Bridge. Reversible almostdaily. Limit 50 mph   50 663 1999-03-24
A1 Sandy S Truvelos at Sandy & Beeston on the southbound   50 1512 1999-07-29
A1 Beeston S Truvelos at Sandy & Beeston on the southbound   50 1513 1999-07-29
A4146 Leighton Buzzard N Milton Keynes side of town on the way out of Leigthon Buzzard about 500 yards from the traffic lights   30 2270 2000-07-31
A4146 Leighton Buzzard S Milton Keynes side of town on the way into Leigthon Buzzard about 150 yards into 30mph zone   30 2321 2000-09-11
A421     A421 Eastbound. Great Barford, TRUVELO system.     651 1999-03-19
A428 Gt Barford E In village     240  
A428     Great Barford, Bedfordshire entry (A421) is now out of date - Road is now the A428. TWO TRUVELO cameras in the village - one in the middle, second camera (TRUVELO again) on the east-west approach into the centre of the village - 30mph   30 721 1999-04-08
A428 Turvey E Truvelo camera attacking E bound near Three Fyshes Pub. NOTE: Camera painted BLACK.     1618 1999-09-29
A428 Turvey B Truvelo camera at edge of Turvey village. NOTE: Camera is reversible and painted BLACK.     1619 1999-09-29
A5 Dunstable N A5 from Markyate, just as you enter Dunstable, by BTR factory, 60mph down to 40mph, 300m after traffic light controlled junction, reversible Truvelo.   40 1549 1999-08-27
A5 Dunstable S From the Milton Keynes direction, on Chalk Hill, just after left-hand bend as you go uphill and enter the cutting towards Dunstable. Previous 2 lanes up the hill, and one down, have been reduced to just one each way. TL003235 40 2073 2000-04-07
A505     Bedfordshire A505 Between Hitchin and Luton, as you enter the 40mph limit at Stopsley travelling on the Luton-bound carriageway only   40 770 1999-04-23
A505 Luton   4 new cameras on the ring road through Luton town centre, near the Police station. 30mph   30 1367 1999-06-16
A5228 Luton B There are 2 cameras on Montrose Avenue in Luton and they are forward facing cameras     2119 2000-04-26
      Recently installed 5 ( yes five) cameras within 300m of each other, on Stuart Street Luton 3 N of junc with Cardiff road and 3 S covering both lanes speed limit 30mph   30 717 1999-04-02
  Woburn Sands   Woburn Sands, coming out of WS, going towards the railway crossing, just by the entrance to the Plysu factory     1442 1999-07-29
  Luton B Truvelos in Crawley Green Road, Luton, on the bend of the big hill into town, facing in each direction.     1985 2000-03-17
  Ampthill R Coming out of Ampthill, Truvelo camera is on brow of hill before school looking towards One-O-One roundabout. Now reversible - it is well shielded by trees and very difficult to spot!     2059 2000-03-28

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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